Apr 08

Not Helping: Is the U.S. making it MORE likely that Iran will pursue nuclear weapons?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBruce Bueno de Mesquite uses mathematical analysis and game theory to predict war, political events, power shifts,...
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Jan 16

Remind Obama to Keep His Promises for Peace

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAs Barack Obama is sworn in as President of the United States of America next week, we...
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Jan 15

OFFICIAL RELEASE: CODEPINK women to proclaim "Yes, we can-can live in peace!" at historic Obama inauguration

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECODEPINK women to proclaim "Yes, we can-can live in peace!"at historic Obama inauguration, call on...
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Dec 29

Iranians Ponder Future U.S.-Iranian Relations in an Obama Administration

Posted by CODEPINK StaffNote from the Editor:  Col. Ann Wright is  a 29 year US Army/Army Reserves veteran  and a...
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Dec 23

Iran attempts to silence human rights activists (VIDEO, PETITION)

Posted by CODEPINK StaffTAKE ACTION HEREIn our recent visit to Iran, we saw among the young university women what an...
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Dec 23

Official release: CODEPINK creates petition to Iranian president, calls for human rights centers to reopen

Posted by CODEPINK Staff FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     CONTACT Women's peace group creates petition to Iranian presidentCalls for safe reopening of...
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Dec 17

Interviews with Iranians- NEW Video!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff"Yes We Can-Can start talking with Iran-ran...." Aside from our snappy new song to be debuted at...
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Dec 05

A week in Iran: Rae's diary

Posted by CODEPINK StaffI'm CODEPINK’s local groups coordinator, and for the past two weeks, I've been part of the eighth...
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Dec 03

Cheese! Rae in Iran photos

Posted by CODEPINK StaffRae Abileah, a CODEPINK organizer in Iran for an interfaith citizen's diplomacy trip, has sent some great...
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Dec 02

OFFICIAL RELEASE: As Obama moves right, CODEPINK returns from Iran, calls for direct talks with Iran

Posted by CODEPINK Staff WASHINGTON, D.C -- As President-Elect Obama continues to shift toward the right with Cabinet appointments, three...
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