Jun 02

Media Matters: Lying About The Gaza Flotilla Disaster

Posted by CODEPINK StaffGreat piece by MJ Rosenberg at Media Matters to counter misinformation about the flotilla raids. It’s been...
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Jun 04

Letter from Hamas to Obama now posted on CommonDreams

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCommonDreams and other sites have just posted the text of the letter Hamas officials penned to Obama...
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Jun 03

A letter from Hamas to Obama

Posted by CODEPINK StaffThe 66-member delegation met several times with Hamas officials in the several days it spent in Gaza,...
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Feb 09

Day 2 in Gaza: Medea's diary

Posted by CODEPINK StaffToday was, unfortunately, our last day in Gaza. When we entered, we were told that all foreigners...
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Jan 29

Official release: CODEPINK women travel to Gaza TODAY to witness damage and demand a lifting of the blockade; Plan to meet with women's groups, Hamas officials

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Jan. 30, 2009    CONTACTJean Stevens, CODEPINK national media coordinator, 646-723-1781CODEPINK women travel to Gaza...
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