Nov 04

The Morning After the Elections By Starhawk

Posted by CODEPINK StaffREPOST from Starhawk's blogThe morning after the elections—I keep thinking of Captain Hans Solo signature line in...
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Oct 23

Nissan Leaf and AeroVironment Make Strange Bedfellows

Posted by CODEPINK Staff Nissan LEAF and AeroVironment Make Strange BedfellowsBy Nancy ManciasThe eco-friendly LEAF rolls into international auto shows...
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Jul 30

New trees growing in Surkhrud, Afghanistan

Posted by CODEPINK StaffYesterday I heard that one of our best programs for helping high school students reach college and...
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Jun 28

Social Formations: Getting down, dirty, and deep for justice in Detroit

Posted by CODEPINK StaffReflections on the 2010 US Social Forum from a Pinker Whew!  What an action-packed week it's been!...
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Jun 15

U.S. Energy Policy Creating a New Generation of Dr. Strangeloves

Posted by CODEPINK Staff By Alice Slater, June 8, 2010Reposted from Foreign Policy in FocusPresident Eisenhower is well-remembered for warning...
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May 28

Beyond BP, There's More

Posted by CODEPINK Staff By Diane WilsonI’m a fourth generation fisherwoman from the Texas Gulf Coast and I’ve been on...
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May 27

Getting Naked to Expose BP

Posted by CODEPINK Staff Diane Wilson, a fourth generation shrimper from the Texas Gulf and a founder of CODEPINK, has...
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Dec 01

Climate Justice Means Ending War and Corporate Greed

Posted by CODEPINK Staff San Francisco Bay Area CODEPINK participated in the international day of action for climate justice on...
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Mar 02

"War is not green!" at Capitol Plant mass action in Washington!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffToday I joined Medea Benjamin, Blaine Clark, Leslie Angeline, Jay Marx, David Swanson, Cindy Sheehan and Bev...
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