Mar 05

On War, Disappointment and Anger--Alice Walker

Posted by CODEPINK StaffReposted from Alice Walker's Blog The Cushion and the Road: Meditation and Wandering As the Whole World...
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Mar 01

To Gaza and Beyond: Reflections on the Gaza Freedom March

Posted by CODEPINK Staff This is a long story and includes some great links to other delegates’ blogs and articles. ...
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Jan 02

Gaza Freedom March: A Powerful Day of Action in Cairo

Posted by CODEPINK StaffFrom Starhawk, originally posted on Starhawk's Blog:We did it! Up until the moment we did, I didn’t...
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Jun 03

Official release: U.S. group returning from Gaza to deliver Hamas letter to Obama in Cairo

Posted by CODEPINK StaffCAIRO -- An American group arriving here tomorrow from war-torn Gaza will deliver a letter penned by...
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Mar 11

Gaza delegation: Pam Rasmussen's diary

Posted by CODEPINK StaffPam Rasmussen, of Maryland, shares her experiences (with great photos!) on the 60-member aid delegation on her...
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Mar 10

Gaza delegation: Sandra Ruch's diary

Posted by CODEPINK StaffSandra Ruch, in Gaza City now on CODEPINK's 60-member international delegation delivering aid to Gazan women today...
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Mar 07

Gaza delegation, from Cairo to Al-Arish: Sudan Adelman's dairy

Posted by CODEPINK StaffA 60-member aid delegation - including novelist Alice Walker, the parents of Rachel Corrie, Medea Benjamin and...
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Mar 04

Official release: Parents of Rachel Corrie, American killed in Gaza, to join Alice Walker on 60-person aid delegation to Gaza this week

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWHEN: March 5 (delegates arrive) to March 12, 2009WHERE: Cairo, Egypt; crossing into Gaza at Rafah borderPress...
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Feb 23

Official release: 50 international delegates to arrive in Gaza with gift baskets for Gazan women Vows to camp on border if blocked, demand its opening

Posted by CODEPINK Staff50 international delegates to arrive in Gaza with gift baskets for Gazan women:Vows to camp on border...
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Feb 01

Day 1 in Cairo: Medea's diary

Posted by CODEPINK Staff(Retired) Col. Ann Wright, Tighe Barry and I arrived Sunday in Cairo for a 10-day trip to...
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