May 02

Why I’m Striking

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Janet WeilMy husband works in information technology for a large corporation. After a little encouragement from...
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Oct 25

A to Z Guide to Supporting Your Local "Occupation"

Posted by CODEPINK StaffA to Z list of things you as a CODEPINKer can do at your local “Occupation”A: Action(s)...
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Oct 05

The 99% Are Not 90% Men

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Melanie ButlerIf week one of Occupy Wall Street was about surviving, week two has been about...
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Oct 03

Sunday, Occupying Wall Street.

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Jodie EvansI arrived at sunset as the downpour ended.Melanie is moving through the community as if...
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Sep 26

What Remains

Posted by CODEPINK Staff By Karen MalpedeI’m standing with Medea Benjamin, cofounder of CODEPINK, Ynestra King who organized the two...
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Sep 22

Occupy Wall Street Day 5: This is What Democracy Looks Like

Posted by CODEPINK StaffAfter yesterday's rain and violent arrests, I’m afraid of what to expect as I approach Liberty Plaza...
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Sep 19

Yes, Obama, wars cause deficits!

Posted by CODEPINK StaffBy Sharon Miller, CODEPINK San Francisco internThis morning, President Obama made some remarks on economic growth and...
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Jun 10

Budget Discussions and Bringing Our War $$ Home

Posted by CODEPINK StaffPersonally, I think all federal budget debates are connected. Specifically, the Republicans want to slash spending for...
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Jun 19

If “violence is a dead end,” why are we paying for it?

Posted by CODEPINK StaffIn President Obama’s much-praised, criticized and analyzed speech in Cairo, he condescended at one point to lecture...
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Apr 10

Official release: CODEPINK calls on Congress to reject Obama request for $83 billion for wars

Posted by CODEPINK StaffWASHINGTON -- Representing the voice of millions of Americans and those worldwide, CODEPINK calls on Congress to...
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