Stop Bombing Iraqi Kurdistan!

Since 2007, the government of Turkey has been bombing the Pishdar region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Innocent Iraqi Kurds are victims of these bombings — people have been killed and more than a hundred civilian homes destroyed. The people of this area have been displaced, which has taken a mental toll. They struggle with the loss of their livelihoods. The constant bombardment has resulted in a lack of schools since teachers are afraid to travel to the area. The U.S. government can take immediate steps to pressure the Turkish government to stop the bombing.

To President Biden: 

We ask you to urge President Erdogan to stop the Turkish air war in northern Iraq. The U.S. government could take immediate steps to pressure the Turkish government to stop the bombing. In 2020, it was reported from our partners on the ground that in Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkish airstrikes and ground operations killed 19 civilians, wounded 15 civilians, and severely impacted many Iraqi Kurdistan areas. In addition to the continued economic and life-threatening effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, many families, whose livelihood depend on farming and animal husbandry, and local business owners can not plant, harvest, raise their animals, and produce sufficient food due to the military operations. According to the KRG Parliament report in September 2020, the Turkish and Iranian cross-border operations led to the displacement of approximately 504 villages since 1992.  

President Biden, we urge you to take action. 


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