Stand With Issa

Tell Your Representative in Congress to Stand With Issa

A letter is now circulating in the US House of Representatives calling on the State Department to protect the freedom of Palestinian nonviolent human rights defender Issa Amro as he faces 18 politically motivated charges in Israeli military court where the conviction rate is over 99%.

Email your representative and tell them to sign the letter in support of Issa:

Materials to use at town halls and in meetings with your representative.

The Free Issa coalition is a group of concerned human rights advocates calling on the Israeli government to drop the politically motivated charges against Issa Amro. 

SPONSORS of the coalition:

American Muslims for Palestine
Center for Jewish Nonviolence
CODEPINK Women for Peace
Friends of Sabeel - North America
Interfaith Peace Builders
Jewish Voice for Peace
National Lawyers Guild - International Committee
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
US Palestinian Community Network
Veterans For Peace
Youth Against Settlements


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  • Marina Little
    commented 2017-06-17 10:51:33 -0400
    There will be peace on Earth when there is justice on Earth. My father, when he was alive, was also an advocate for Palestinian rights. He went to the United Nations in NYC in approximately 1954 to petition the UN for Palestinian rights, including Assyro-Chaldeans, who have been living as refugees in deplorable conditions in tents for approximately 70 years now. Palestinians were living in what is now Israel for thousands of years before the establishment of Israel as a state in 1948. I believe that Israelis & Palestinians can & must live together in peace. Enough of this selfish ethnocentrism. The time for humanitarian compassion is now! Thanks for listening, Marina Celeste Little, USA
  • David Allison
    commented 2017-06-07 18:17:28 -0400
    I am thoroughly opposed to the Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The conservative Netanyahu regime is not giving any breathing room for Palestinians to live in peace on their own lands. Netanyahu continues to promote settlements in the hope of making a two-state solution not viable. I think he would like to see the Palestinians rise up in violence so that he could bring about their destruction.
  • Tim Flanagan
    commented 2017-05-31 22:03:13 -0400
    Zero content here…. What is this about? What did he do? What did israel do?