Spreading Love


While Donald Trump wants to build walls and push a nationalistic agenda that thumbs its nose to the rest of the world, we want to build bridges and spread love. Join CODEPINK on one of these unique people-to-people citizen delegations to countries that need to see another face of the American people.

Don’t wait. Be a citizen diplomat and travel with CODEPINK. The May trip to Palestine/Israel filled up two days after we announced it!

Cuba, April 29-May 10
Celebrate May 1, International Workers Day, in a massive rally in Cuba’s most exciting cultural city, Santiago, and then attend an international gathering against foreign military bases in the very city where the US has a military base and a horrible prison on Cuban soil: Guantanamo. We will have some very special guests on this trip that will make it a particularly unique gathering. Cost: $1,500. For more information contact Yvette, yvette@proximitycuba.com.

Iran, May 11-22
With Donald Trump threatening to tear up the Iran nuclear deal and excluding Iranians from visiting the US, it’s a critical time to send a delegation of American citizen diplomats. We’ll visit Iran’s breathtaking cultural sites in Tehran, Shiraz and Isfahan, and meet with the Iranian government and non-governmental groups. Cost: $2,900, including airfare from DC. More information.

Iraq Kurdistan, May 5-20
Visit the northern Kurdish part of Iraq to learn how people in the north are struggling against the violence that has wracked the rest of Iraq. We’ll meet with government representatives, women’s groups, and people engaged in conflict resolution. Cost: $3,200, including airfare from the US. More information.

Washington DC
There is still room available from time to time at the CODEPINK activist house in DC. Perhaps you want to join us for the Women’s March on March 8, International Women’s Day? Or for the Scientists March on April 22 or the Climate March on April 29? For information contact Paki, pakiwieland@gmail.com.

When our government is spreading hatred and xenophobia, join us in spreading global understanding and love.

One world,
Ann, Ariel, Jodie, Mariana, Mark, Medea, Nancy, Paki, Paula, Samira, and Tali

PS. Don't forget to order one of our Refugees Welcome T-shirts and pick one of these wonderful "I Heart" signs and print copies for your friends, family, neighbors and local businesses.

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