No Snap-Back Sanctions on Iran!

The Trump administration is trying to force UN countries to impose “snap-back” sanctions on Iran, claiming that Iran is not adhering to the rules of the Iran nuclear deal — but it’s the U.S., not Iran, who broke the deal. The other countries involved in the agreement have already pledged not to support any sanctions, but we need to make sure the U.S. doesn’t bully any other countries into complying with this destructive warmongering plan. Sign our petition calling on UN countries to refuse to impose snap-back sanctions on Iran.

Dear United Nations Security Council members, 

We, the undersigned, implore you to refuse the United States’ request to impose “snap-back” sanctions on Iran. The United States’ plan to bully other countries to impose these sanctions is unjustified and combative. Imposing such sanctions would cause even more suffering for the people of Iran and risks destroying the last remnants of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

The JCPOA is a historic agreement that helps ensure peace and security around the world. The Trump administration withdrew the U.S. from this vital accord in 2018 and now is trying to claim that as a party to the deal that they withdrew from, they can trigger the “snap-back” sanctions process. We aren’t buying it, the other countries in the deal aren’t buying it, and you shouldn't buy it either.

It is imperative that the U.S.’s nonsensical call for “snap-back” sanctions not be fulfilled. To follow the U.S.'s lead and take such a combative action would be disastrous for the JCPOA, as well as for global efforts for peace and nuclear disarmament. Such acts of aggression could drive Iran to kick the international monitors out of its nuclear facilities, end the deal entirely, and ultimately make the world a much more precarious place. 

Given this potential for disaster, we must do all we can to prohibit the U.S. from bullying other countries into imposing “snap-back” sanctions on Iran. “Snap-back” sanctions are unjustified — the U.S. relinquished the right to call for sanctions when it backed out of the deal — and they are dangerous: such an aggressive action jeopardizes the agreement of peace and cooperation Iran made with the world in 2015. As advocates of peace, we are alarmed by the aggressive actions by the U.S. against Iran. We understand the devastating and deadly impacts of sanctions that U.S. sanctions have and call for the U.S. to remove them. 

France, Britain, and Germany, three of the other countries in the JCPOA, released a joint statement making it clear that the U.S.’s withdrawal from the deal negated its right to trigger “snap-back” sanctions. Now, we are calling each of you as UN Security Council member countries to follow their lead and pledge to stand up for peace and against the U.S.’s unjustified and dangerous demand for sanctions. Please say NO to U.S. bullying at the expense of the Iranian people.

Please, do everything you can to defend this crucial agreement and prevent the United States from dragging Iran, and the world, into another disastrous Middle East war. Help protect Iran and the Iran nuclear deal. 


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