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Shut Down Creech Mission

WhereasCreech Air Force Base is a key control base for the illegal, covert and inhumane U.S. drone targeted assassination program that has taken innumerable human lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere, and has caused intolerable harm to persons and communities around the globe.

Whereas, the U.S. Drone program is an extension of the long-standing racist and white supremacist values inherent in U.S. foreign policy since its beginnings, that is driven by corporate greed and motivation for global economic domination, at the expense of the world’s indigenous communities, and in violation of other countries’ right to sovereignty.

Whereas, the proliferation of militarized drones around the world, initially led by the U.S., Britain and Israel, is now expanding at such a frightening rate, that it is creating a more and more unstable global situation, that  will “destroy the world as we know it to be in completely new ways.” (Arundhati Roy)


We will gather bi-annually at Creech Air Force Base for a week of non-violent, and peaceful resistance to oppose the insanity and cruelty of U.S. drone murder and to refuse to accept the violence that is U.S. global militarization.

Throughout the week we aim to model to Creech military and civilian employees and to local law enforcement what peace looks like, and to educate them and persuade them to come over to the side of peace.  “There is no way to peace, peace is the way.” (A.J. Muste)  The week will culminate in a day of non-violent civil resistance in which our goal is to peacefully Shut Down “business as usual” at Creech Air Force Base for as long as we possibly can.

Creech is where the killer drone program started—it is where we shall end it.

  • We must put an end to drone murder, drone surveillance and global militarization.
  • We must put an end to the desecration of our Mother Earth and all the creatures who inhabit it.
  • We must put an end to the dehumanization of people’s lives from Ferguson to Palestine, Syria to Somalia, Afghanistan to Yemen, Iraq and beyond.
  • We must close all foreign U.S. military bases. Money should be prioritized for human needs, not war profiteering.