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Shut Down Creech in the Age of Covid

Creech Anti-drone Resistance, Fall Action:   

Sept. 27 - Oct. 3, 2020 


Our Fall Action Week of Drone Resistance is almost here!  Please join us for all or part of the week.     


Just because there is media censorship of U.S. drone strikes, does not mean that the people in Afghanistan,Yemen, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, Libya and elsewhere are not being regularly killed and terrorized by these racist tools of U.S. Empire building, under both Republican and Democratic Administrations. Read this article about two U.S. Reaper drones that collided or were shot down in Syria this week, at $20 million each!

How many jobs could be created, or hungry families could be fed with that money?  And learn about the new secret drone missile, “the flying Ginsu,” or “Ninja bomb” that….”pulverizes its target like a heaven-sent anvil cheese grater.”  How many more enemies is the U.S. making with these latest brutal weapons?

Silence = Violence….JOIN US!

Due to the pandemic, the Shut Down Creech Team will be taking extra precautions to protect our fellow peacemakers and keep us all COVID-safe.  For this reason we ask everyone participating to:

  • Travel to the Shut Down Creech peace convergence without using public transportation. No plane or bus travel please.

  • Practice social distancing 100%, and wear face masks when within 8 ft. of other Creechers.

  • Plan to tent camp or sleep in your vehicle while staying at the Goddess Temple, or arrange alternative accommodations. The guest house will not be available to use during the week EXCEPT by a select few who will only use the kitchen area to prepare our meals.

  • Bring your own camping/tenting equipment, and your own dishes that you will be responsible for washing in the outdoor sink area. Please bring your own plate, bowl, fork, spoon, knife, cup and water bottle.  Please also bring your own comfortable lawn or folding chair, if you have room, but not required.  

  • The guest house kitchen will have pots and pans and other supplies to prepare meals and coffee/tea, etc.

  • Take all showers in outdoor shower area, and use outdoor porta-potties only.

We appreciate your understanding during these very special circumstances.  Our goal is to ensure that everyone return home COVID-free!  

With that said, we look forward to a very interesting and exciting week.  Toby will bring her nyckelharpa and encourages others to bring their instruments and some fun songs for us to sing, as we socialize near the campfire each night.  

We still plan on some interesting activities throughout the week, and are committed to maintaining 2 hr early morning and late afternoon vigils at the entrance/exit to CREECH Killer Drone Base.  Our goal:  To model what a peace & justice society looks like and invite Air Base personnel and civilian workers to cross over to the correct side of JUSTICE.

Please send us any ideas you have for vigil themes, messaging, etc. Creativity and new passionate and powerful messages are always desired.  

We hope to see you there. Please REGISTER HERE  as soon as you can, to help the Shut Down Creech Team best prepare for your arrival.

Working for Peace & Justice with every breath we take,

The Shut Down Creech Team,
Toby, Maggie, Eleanor and Garett

Co-sponsored by CODEPINK and Veterans For Peace