Rodas Beyene

Rodas is a new intern in the Los Angeles office, supporting the Local Peace Economy campaign.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri by way of Asmara, Eritrea Rodas is a rising Junior at Northeastern University, where she is studying Psychology and Political Science. She is a student activist working for integration and inclusion on campus and the end of structural racism across the country.

Rodas is most passionate about is the atrocities migrants face on their perilous journeys to Europe and the single-party regime in Eritrea that is forcing young Eritreans to flee their country by the hundreds of thousands on an annual basis. This is why she has joined various campaigns with other young diaspora Eritreans to support the UN’s findings that the Eritrean government was indeed committing crimes against humanity and to lobby for key leaders in government to be brought forward to the ICC.

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