Sign the Pledge to Rise, Love, Resist!

 CODEPINK members, Desiree, Tighe and Lenny were found guilty of standing up to lies at the Sessions hearing in January. We double down on our pledge to Rise Love and Resist, join with us.  It is what we all must do when #TruthIsACrime. 


I pledge to turn my hurt, sadness, anger and disappointment into a driving force for love, peace and healing. I pledge to reach out to my community, including those who may have different views than mine, or who may have voted differently than I did. I pledge to open my heart and listen to those who may have different world-views than mine, and engage them in open, honest discussion, and to love them, even if they show me hate. I will explore new relationships and ways I can uplift and protect those most at risk.

Above all, I pledge to rise, love and resist hate, violence and war in all its forms and to move forward in committed action to create a community that values justice, equity and peace.

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Jean Cheesman
Sara Schmidt
Barbara Laxon
Henry Weinberg
Mark DiMaria
Jim Thomas
Patricia Blackwell-Marchant
Brant Kotch Kotch
Carolyn Knoll
Ashley Roomsburg
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  • Jean Cheesman
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  • Sara Schmidt
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  • Barbara Laxon
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  • Henry Weinberg
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    Henry Weinberg
  • Mark DiMaria
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  • Jim Thomas
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  • Patricia Blackwell-Marchant
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