Reverse the Military Escalation in Iraq

Tell President Obama to reverse the military escalation in Iraq and to seek political solutions instead!

Dear President Obama,

You have often said “there is no military solution” to the ISIS crisis, yet the U.S. strategy has relied almost solely on military action. Here are some non-military steps the US could take to curtail the growing power of ISIS:

  • Freeze the bank accounts of ISIS funders.
  • Negotiate partnerships with villages where oil pipelines run to cut ISIS oil revenues.
  • Work with partners in Europe and Turkey to stem the flow of Western recruits.
  • In Syria, convene rebel groups, the regime, civil society activists, and regional players like Turkey, Iran, Russia, and the Gulf States to restart negotiations for a political solution to the war.
  • In Iraq, condition all further assistance on the development of a more inclusive political order that protects the country’s minorities.
  • Link its nuclear negotiations with Iran to a pledge from Tehran to rein in the Iranian-backed militias most likely to sow sectarian discord in Iraq.
  • Dramatically increase its support for the United Nations’ badly underfunded humanitarian assistance programs for both Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

We’ve been spending $8 million an hour on this war since 2001. We simply can’t afford it—and it doesn’t work. Please stop the escalation of US military presence in Iraq and work to promote real political solutions.


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