Rebecca Green

She is currently an undergraduate at Northeastern University, taking 6 months off of school to work as an intern in the Washington D.C. office. She is working towards a degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She is involved on campus with Northeastern’s Progressive Student Alliance club, and is getting involved in a new Northeastern chapter of Student Alliance for Prison Reform.

Rebecca spent a month studying abroad in Istanbul and Berlin during July and August 2015 with a program through Northeastern where she studied the politics of space, Islam, gender and sexuality in the two cities. On the trip she deepened her passion for sociological research, and was inspired by her studies of the recent Gezi protests, activists she was able to meet through her classes, and everyday actions of resistance to an oppressive regime through street art and other creative forms.

Rebecca is passionate about eliminating violent masculinity, promoting gender equality domestically and globally, demilitarizing America, and human rights. In her free time, she plays club volleyball at Northeastern or wherever she can find an open gym or beach. She can be reached at:

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