Raheem Sterling: Help end Israeli apartheid—don’t sign with Puma!

Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association, which includes clubs in illegal Jewish-only Israeli settlements. Puma is offering football/soccer superstar Raheem Sterling, who has taken bold stands against racism, a whopping 100M Euros to sign with them.

Sign the petition to Raheem Sterling: score a goal for Palestinian rights by refusing to sign with Puma. We will deliver the signature by email to Sterling’s management agency.

*Letter to Sterling from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)

Dear Raheem Sterling,

I’m a fan of your actions on and off the field. Your courageous outspokenness against racism has forced the world of football to sit up and take notice.

You once said, “I’m a person when I do feel that something’s not quite right I want to speak about it.”

It is because of your principled stand that I am writing to urge you to reject Puma’s sponsorship offer.

Puma is the main sponsor of the Israel Football Association, which includes clubs in illegal Israeli settlements. Puma exclusive licensee in Israel has branches in settlements and is listed in the UN database of companies active in illegal settlements.

According to international law, Israeli settlements are illegal land grabs that force Palestinian families from their homes. They crowd Palestinians in densely populated villages and refugee camps and limit access to clean water and healthcare.

Israel’s illegal settlements are part of its racist apartheid policies that leading South Africans, including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, have said are even worse than what they endured under that country’s apartheid regime.

For decades, Israeli apartheid has oppressed Palestinians and denied their basic human rights. Now, these racist policies make Palestinian families even more vulnerable to the pandemic.

Across the globe, football fans, players and teams have supported the call from more than 200 Palestinian teams urging Puma to end its complicity with Israeli apartheid.

Malaysia’s largest university dropped Puma as a sponsor of its football team in response to the call from Palestinian clubs.

The Forest Green Rovers pledged not to sign with Puma as long as it supports Israel’s oppression of Palestinians. The chair of the club described the situation in Palestine as “the greatest global injustice of my lifetime.”

Former Barcelona player Oleguer Presas called on Puma to end support for illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land.

You also once said, “I don't want the next generation of black players to have to put up with this evil." Your actions are an important part of making that happen and I stand with you.

The type of economic pressure and accountability measures you’ve advocated to combat racism are effective - and they are the measures Palestinians have asked us to take in solidarity with them and their peaceful struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

With your help, we can help ensure that another generation of Palestinians won’t grow up under the oppression of Israeli apartheid.

Please reject Puma’s sponsorship offer as long as it supports Israeli apartheid.


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