Tell the Democratic Party to Stand With Rep. Ilhan Omar

Donald Trump has release a video falsely connecting Representative Ilhan Omar to 9/11 and dangerously inciting hatred--that could easily turn to violence--against her.

Rep. Omar is a visionary and inspiring leader. She is a champion of democracy who demands an end endless wars, white supremacy--including within in the Trump administration. She stands up for the human rights of immigrants and asylum-seekers and advocates for Palestinians, Yemenis and others. She supports congressional action to stop the Trump administration’s Muslim ban that discriminates against people living in Muslim countries like her birthplace, Somalia. She has spoken out bravely in congressional hearings, press conferences, public gatherings and over social media.

It is precisely because of her extraordinary leadership and bravery in speaking truth to power, as well as her identity as the first Black, refugee and visibly Muslim woman in Congress, that she is a target of constant attacks from Donald Trump, right-wing media and extremists, Republican leaders, and even, at times, Democratic colleagues.

Given the ominous death threats she has been receiving, we call on Democratic party leaders--including those who introduced the March 2019 House resolution intended to condemn Rep. Omar for “antisemitism”--to speak out against these vile attacks and stand with Rep. Omar and against Islamophobia.

Email and tweet at the Democratic Senators and Representatives members of congress.

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Dear Democrats in Congress,

Rep. Ilhan Omar represents everything President Trump and white nationalists want Americans to fear and hate: black, female, immigrant, visibly Muslim. The President's incitement against Rep. Omar--tweets and a video falsely accusing her and the larger American Muslim community of being responsible for the 9/11 attacks--is reprehensible and puts Omar’s life in danger. Rep. Omar was already experiencing credible death threats, and now Trump is stoking this hatred. If harm comes to Rep. Omar, her family, or members of the American Muslim community, Trump will be responsible. If you, as leaders of the Democratic party, don't speak out, you, too, will be responsible.

Speaker Pelosi said on twitter: “The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground, and any discussion of it must be done with reverence.  The President shouldn’t use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack.”

Please follow Speaker Pelosi's lead. Make a statement and/or introduce a congressional resolution condemning President Trump's use of painful images from 9/11 to attack and incite violence against a sitting member of congress.

I stand with Ilhan Omar. Will you?


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  • Efraín Caborno
    signed 2019-05-17 17:40:24 -0400
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  • Brenda Lee Smith
    @mrssapience tweeted link to this page. 2019-04-23 10:30:55 -0400
    Rep. @IlhanMN represents everything white nationalists want America to fear & hate: black, female, immigrant, visibly MuslimTrump's attack on Omar is disgusting & dangerous--@TheDemocrats must act #IStandWithIlhanArtwork by @AimaNiqabae
  • Brenda Lee Smith
    signed 2019-04-23 10:30:50 -0400
  • Mark Bignell
    signed 2019-04-23 10:17:43 -0400
    Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-semitism.

    Criticizing government policy in Israel is not a crime.
  • Ernest Jones
    signed 2019-04-22 22:23:14 -0400
  • Lisa Carrabis
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    Leah Main
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    Lynda Lemberg
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    Philip Noel
  • Maryellen Hicks
    signed 2019-04-18 17:05:48 -0400
  • Adam Izak-Sunna
    signed 2019-04-18 16:50:51 -0400
    Thank you, Representative Ilhan Omar; may a just and humane peace indeed prevail in Palestine!
  • Lorrie Dunn
    signed 2019-04-18 16:36:11 -0400
  • Anastasia Burgess
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  • Melissa Walker
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  • Rico Upton
    signed 2019-04-18 13:51:04 -0400
    If it can’t take the heat, screw her! But that presents another problem, nobody is that hard up. A camel would be a better choice.
  • Ivon Kennedy
    signed 2019-04-18 06:56:10 -0400
  • Michael Jewell
    signed 2019-04-17 22:08:47 -0400
    Ms.Omar is honest, brave, and intelligent. I am a 70-year old pasty white non-religious male and she has my respect.
  • Integriti Reeves
    signed 2019-04-17 15:03:14 -0400

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