Crimes against Okinawans by U.S. military personnel — including sexual crimes and the recent murder of a young woman — and damage caused to the environment by the presence of U.S. military bases have been occurring for over 70 years. The U.S. has had a presence in Okinawa since the end of WWII and currently 33 U.S. military facilities and about 28,000 U.S. military personnel remain on the island.

In the wake of the most recent violence, Okinawan Governor Takeshi Onaga has requested a meeting with President Obama to discuss the violence perpetrated against Okinawans by military personnel stationed at the base and the need to shut the bases down for good. Urge President Obama to accept Governor Onaga's request and meet with him while in Japan by signing the petition below!

We, the undersigned, urge President Obama to accept Okinawan Governor Takeshi Onaga's request to meet and discuss the future of U.S. military bases in Okinawa while he is in Japan. Ongoing sexual violence committed against Okinawan women by base personnel is a serious issue and it is imperative that President Obama meet with the leaders of those affected to find a solution.


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