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Pilgrimage to end the US blockade on Cuba

Meet Cuban American teacher/veteran Carlos Lazo and others marching from Miami to DC to end the US blockade on Cuba    

Cuban America teacher/veteran and activist Carlos Lazo, along with 6 other Cuban Americans, are on an epic pilgrimage from Miami to Washington, DC. They set off from Miami on June 27 and will arrive, 1,300 miles later, at the White House on July 25, when they will present members of the Biden administration with a petition signed by more than 25,000 people demanding the lifting of the illegal and immoral U.S. embargo aimed at asphyxiating the Cuban people. Instead, Lazo wants to build Puentes de Amor, bridges of love, between the two countries—just as President Obama started to do when he was in the White House.

The walkers are holding gatherings along the route and would be honored if you would join them and help spread the word.


In Orlando, FL the meetup location is at Panera Bread, Fashion Square Mall, 3463 E. Colonial Drive - JULY 1, 06PM TO 08PM  EST
Contact: Robin Harris | 407-461-4368 | [email protected]

In St Augustine, FL, Please contact Alberto Jones | 386-446-4921 | [email protected] for further details - JULY 2

In Jacksonville, FL the meetup location is the Pablo Creek Public Library 13295 Beach Boulevard. JULY 3, 10PM-12PM EST
Contact: Etta Etlinger and Todd Wells | 904-742-8979 | [email protected] 

In Macon, GA.  Stay tuned for further updates. JULY 4

In Jenkinsburg, GA.  Stay tuned for further updates. JULY 5

In Atlanta, GA Contact Bernardo Gomez | 678-612-0591 | [email protected] for further details - JULY 5 & 6

In Roanoke, the meetup location is St. James Episcopal Church, 4515 Delray Street Roanoke, VA 24012 Website: sponsored by Plowshares Peace Center. Contact Michael Bentley | 540-389-3752 | [email protected] for further information - JULY 18, 6:30pm

In Richmond, there will be a public event in the evening hosted by Virginia Defenders. Please contact Phil Wilayto | 804-644-5834 | [email protected] for more information. JULY 19 

In DC, check out the events here


Stay tuned for more information


Add Events

Do you want to organize a meeting with the walkers in your city? Click here — we will add your event to our website and to the list above and support you in outreach. Not able to attend? Sign our petition to Biden and join our social media team to elevate the Pilgrimage in social media.


Another project to end the blockade will be in November, when we are organizing an exciting flotilla of boats from Key West to Miami. Check here for more information.

We are also planning a trip to Cuba in December, once travel to the island opens up. Check here for updates soon.

To learn more about Carlos Lazo, his group Puentes de Amor (Bridges of Love) and to follow their journey online, click here.


[email protected]  is available to support you with images, ideas and getting your events on the calendar.

During President Biden’s campaign, he promised he would move to undue Trump’s harmful sanctions and normalize relations. So far, he has done nothing and the Cuban people—especially during this pandemic—are suffering.

Please help us any way you can to pressure Biden and Congress to take action.