Marillyn Hewson: People Before Profits!


In 2015, Forbes named Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin, the highest paid female CEO and “the 20th most powerful woman in the world”.  Hewson fashions herself a role model for women, but her company is selling weapons to the Saudi regime, weapons that are killing and maiming women and children day after day. As CEO of a company whose annual report boasts of being “...proud to stand with our international partners to enhance their capabilities to protect the lives of citizens and build a brighter future…”, it seems like a good time to tell Marillyn Hewson that selling weapons to the repressive Saudi regime will not protect lives of Yemeni citizens nor build a brighter future.

Dear Marillyn A. Hewson,

Please help us engineer a better tomorrow by immediately halting all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. U.S. supported Saudi bombings of Yemen have caused a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions. As the CEO of Lockheed Martin you have the opportunity to prevent further exacerbation of the crisis in Yemen. Please halt Lockheed Martin weapon sales to Saudi Arabia.



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Far Rad
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  • jonnel covault
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-05 18:18:31 -0400
    Selling $28B weapons to #saudiarabia has caused a devastating #famine in #yemen! People over profit! @LockheedMartin
  • jonnel covault
    signed 2017-06-05 18:18:05 -0400
  • Shira Mendes de León
    signed 2017-06-05 18:09:17 -0400
  • Maureen OConnor
    signed 2017-06-05 17:59:15 -0400
  • Demian Weekley
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-05 16:08:36 -0400
    Selling $28B weapons to #saudiarabia has caused a devastating #famine in #yemen! People over profit! @LockheedMartin
  • Demian weekley
    signed 2017-06-05 16:07:48 -0400
  • John Nienstadt
    signed 2017-06-05 16:07:13 -0400
    Please provide no more weapons to the brutal misogynistic anti democratic Saudi government!!!! They are supporters of terrorism around the world!!!
  • Chris Felice
    signed 2017-06-05 15:35:51 -0400
  • Susan Harman
    signed 2017-06-05 15:17:53 -0400
    We fund the Saudis. They fund ISIS. WTF?
  • Elaine Hickman
    signed 2017-06-05 14:34:08 -0400
  • Kenneth Ruby
    @kennethruby65 tweeted link to this page. 2017-06-05 13:59:43 -0400
    Selling $28B weapons to #saudiarabia has caused a devastating #famine in #yemen! People over profit! @LockheedMartin
  • Kenneth Ruby
    signed 2017-06-05 13:59:30 -0400
    Stop selling military weapons to violent dictatorial regimes.
  • Rick and Val Girling
    signed 2017-06-05 13:58:26 -0400
    Shame. Profiting by selling arms to a brutal misogynist monarchy.
  • Far Rad
    signed 2017-06-05 13:53:50 -0400
    We need to spread knowledge, books and understanding that will make grow peace. Not bombs!

    Saudi Arabia is the main weapon buyers for years and its irresponsible behaviour in the spread of salafi extremist ideology should make us think more before giving them mass destruction weapons.
  • Jon Singleton
    signed 2017-06-05 12:53:54 -0400
  • Donna Hallock
    signed 2017-06-05 12:23:44 -0400
    You need to stop the sales of these weapons to Saudi, they are just as bad as the terrorists that have been causing so much death and destruction and will soon be turned on us, Trump is a fool !
  • norris williams
    signed 2017-06-05 12:06:23 -0400
    What is wrong with you guys?
  • Chris Wagener
    signed 2017-06-05 11:46:50 -0400
    Profits profit no one.
  • Christina Meyer
    signed 2017-06-05 11:35:36 -0400
    Christina Meyer
  • William Sollner
    signed 2017-06-05 11:03:22 -0400
    The least we can do.
  • Amy Tajdari
    signed 2017-06-05 10:41:07 -0400
    Amy Tajdari
  • Stephanie Malady
    signed 2017-06-05 10:28:03 -0400
    Stephanie Malady
  • Neil Lambert
    signed 2017-06-05 09:46:15 -0400
  • cynthia molinero
    signed 2017-06-05 09:46:13 -0400
  • Mollie Schierman
    signed 2017-06-05 09:43:06 -0400
  • Shyemaa Shehata
    signed 2017-06-05 09:42:31 -0400
  • donna b
    signed 2017-06-05 09:35:03 -0400
    Please don’t help make the world less safe!
  • Patricia Heckart
    signed 2017-06-05 08:38:55 -0400
    Please, stop the violence
  • eric olson
    signed 2017-06-05 08:38:52 -0400
  • Barbara Mueller
    signed 2017-06-05 06:38:16 -0400

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