Marillyn Hewson: People Before Profits!


In 2015, Forbes named Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin, the highest paid female CEO and “the 20th most powerful woman in the world”.  Hewson fashions herself a role model for women, but her company is selling weapons to the Saudi regime, weapons that are killing and maiming women and children day after day. As CEO of a company whose annual report boasts of being “...proud to stand with our international partners to enhance their capabilities to protect the lives of citizens and build a brighter future…”, it seems like a good time to tell Marillyn Hewson that selling weapons to the repressive Saudi regime will not protect lives of Yemeni citizens nor build a brighter future.

Dear Marillyn A. Hewson,

Please help us engineer a better tomorrow by immediately halting all weapons sales to Saudi Arabia. U.S. supported Saudi bombings of Yemen have caused a humanitarian crisis of catastrophic proportions. As the CEO of Lockheed Martin you have the opportunity to prevent further exacerbation of the crisis in Yemen. Please halt Lockheed Martin weapon sales to Saudi Arabia.



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Maeryn Boirionnach
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  • Chang Mei Wan
    @mw4reds tweeted link to this page. 2017-06-04 06:07:02 -0400
    Selling $28B weapons to #saudiarabia has caused a devastating #famine in #yemen! People over profit! @LockheedMartin
  • mei wan chang
    signed 2017-06-04 06:06:20 -0400
  • Lorenza Boenco
    @yoghi1954 tweeted link to this page. 2017-06-04 05:53:05 -0400
    Selling $28B weapons to #saudiarabia has caused a devastating #famine in #yemen! People over profit! @LockheedMartin
  • Boenco Lorenza
    signed 2017-06-04 05:52:46 -0400
    fermiamo il commercio di armi, non esportate la morte
  • amazigh Arifi
    signed 2017-06-04 05:11:13 -0400
    stop export of weapons to alsaud regime who are killing childeren in Yemen, Syria and Palestine
  • Peter Archer
    signed 2017-06-04 04:59:16 -0400
  • khan hasan
    signed 2017-06-04 04:21:43 -0400
  • Larry Kent Maxwell
    signed 2017-06-04 03:28:29 -0400
  • Patricia Campe-Aguilar
    signed 2017-06-04 03:21:41 -0400
    People will begin to realise the shootings in Europe, and the US are direct reflections of the violence of arms sellings and actions wrought on Yemen .

    The US is no more than a perpetrator of violence with its arms selling to Saudi Arabia.
  • Judith and Lester A Hoyle
    signed 2017-06-04 03:07:44 -0400
    Please help stop the mindless slaughter of innocent women and children. This DOES NOT make America great – or even safer. Use your power and influence to change the course of history!
  • Stephen Verchinski
    signed 2017-06-04 02:14:29 -0400
    Placing profit over peace and people is a cowards greed.
  • Maeryn Boirionnach
    signed 2017-06-04 01:51:15 -0400
  • William Grosh
    signed 2017-06-04 01:33:15 -0400
  • Nancy Vedovi
    signed 2017-06-04 01:31:22 -0400
    Ms. Hewson, Please don’t send more weapons to Saudi Arabia. They keep bombing Yemen. Yemen is having a crisis with all the bombing. Children are starving. Yemen needs peace.
  • Natalie Hanson
    signed 2017-06-04 01:30:25 -0400
    War is NOT the Answer. Take a stand against Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen and the famine it is causing by withhold the sale of military weapons to Saudi Arabia.
  • Anthony Boratino
    signed 2017-06-04 01:18:50 -0400
    I hold no illusion to what kind of monsters you people are.
  • Vivian Weinstein
    signed 2017-06-04 01:13:14 -0400
    Send food NOT arms to Yemen. No more arms to the Saudis. They are against everything we believe in.
  • john devincent
    signed 2017-06-04 01:01:41 -0400
  • Jennifer White
    signed 2017-06-04 00:34:24 -0400
    The Saudi government is a brutal regime who are not worthy of a dime of weapons from US.

    Human rights are very, very terrible.! Women are treated like slaves.
  • pablo voitzuk
    signed 2017-06-03 23:12:48 -0400
  • Maureen Cruise RN
    signed 2017-06-03 23:07:57 -0400
  • Douglas Olson
    signed 2017-06-03 23:02:43 -0400
  • Nomura Osami
    signed via 2017-06-03 22:49:26 -0400
  • Christine Harvey
    signed 2017-06-03 21:59:55 -0400
  • Lisa Ventresca
    signed 2017-06-03 21:47:49 -0400
  • Nodiah Brent
    signed 2017-06-03 21:41:27 -0400
    Nodiah Brent

    Please reconsider the choices you’re making.
  • Nikki Alexander
    signed 2017-06-03 21:38:44 -0400
    Nikki Alexander
  • Eila Kokkinen
    signed 2017-06-03 21:37:19 -0400
    It is inhumane to risk famine in Yemen’s populace by providing Saudi Arabia with billions of dollars worth of weapons. What is needed is a cease fire and efforts to stop the conflict.
  • Georgia Tattu
    signed 2017-06-03 21:14:41 -0400
  • Adina Parsley Parsley
    signed 2017-06-03 20:08:44 -0400

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