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The Local Peace Economy exists; it is practiced when we take care and nurture each other and the land. Peace economy is when we manage our home in a way that is relational, reciprocal, giving, sharing, thriving, and resilient. But how are we regarding home, nurturing it and taking care of it? Where and how are we putting our values in the war economy, which is extractive, oppressive and produces inequality? How can we shift our values and ethics to embody justice, health and peace?

Today, we invite you to plant the first seeds to peace.

Commit to taking part in moving your values away from the extractive war economy and into the Local Peace Economy.

Sign the pledge and join the action!

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    See that our economy be local and peaceful for all!
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    I pledged to grow my local #peaceeconomy and move my values to the economy that nurtures life. Join me.
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    i do! xj
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    Blessings on your creative expression in peace activism.
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    After my husband died a year ago I realized I had space to share in my house. I asked the local women’s shelter if there was a young woman who’d like to be a my housemate while she rebuilt her life. She moved in three months ago and it’s going really well. I buy my food from our local food co-op and use a credit union because those are both committed to cooperative economics. I buy my clothes only from second-hand stores, local artisans, or fair-trade stores and catalogs, such as SERRV and Marketplace India. I drive a hybrid and carpool often and give rides frequently to friends with less means. I volunteer all the time I can for the local community organizing group working for social justice. Sunday buses and late night buses are starting here today (!), because of a tax proposal we helped win last summer. Group Violence Intervention training has just gotten funded for our city’s police officers and community leaders to implement David M. Kennedy’s approach, called the “Boston Miracle” there, because we worked to bring it here. Free high quality preschool is available here for every 4 year-old whose family can’t pay for it, because we organized for that. At least 100 homeless families with children in our county’s public school districts will get a home each year, at a rent they can afford, because we worked with many partner organizations and won a countywide ballot proposal in November. I compost, have no dryer, use my fireplace stove for heat, etc, in my own home, but we need to also organize together to change harmful policies, practices and systems! Our organizing network is an affiliate of the national which taught us what to do. I applaud your work for a peace economy. Peace and justice are inseparable.
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    David Amrod
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    Ken Maurice
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    As a member of Veterans for Peace I love this!!!
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    I pledged to grow my local #peaceeconomy and move my values to the economy that nurtures life. Join me.
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    I pledged to grow my local #peaceeconomy and move my values to the economy that nurtures life. Join me.
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    Dora Frankel
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    Im from the Metro-Detroit area. would love to do meet others who are passionate about a peace movement and code pink
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    Service to others is a very helpful experience all around.
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    think globally, work locally

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