Tell PayPal To Stop Funding Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine

Tell PayPal to stop facilitating ethnic cleansing by allowing settler organizations to use their services for fundraising.

Dear PayPal, 

Israeli settlements are illegal under international law. They maintain and further Israel’s systems  of apartheid and ethnic cleansing. They are an obstacle to peace. While you do not provide your services to Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, you are allowing settler organizations to use your services to fundraise for their projects to remove Palestinians from their lands. 

Here’s some of the settler organizations that use PayPal to fundraise: 

The Hebron Fund facilitates land grabs and violent harassment of Palestinians in the most heavily occupied city in the West Bank. Palestinians in Hebron face numerous checkpoints, roads closed off to them, and walkways separated in half, one side for Jews, one side for Palestinians. 

American Friends of the Bet El Yeshiva Center funds the ideologically extreme settlement of Bet El which encroaches on the bustling Palestinian city of Ramallah. The American Friends of the Bet El Yeshiva Center brags that it supports an army prepatory academy and numerous settler media companies inside the Bet El settlement. 

Friends of Ir David is a tax-exempt U.S. charity whose mission is the Judenization of East Jerusalem. Israel has renamed the Silwan East Jerusalem neighborhood “City of David” and spent the summer demolishing Palestinian homes. 

In the pursuit of freedom, justice, and equality for all, we the undersigned ask that you not allow the three organizations above, and other settler organizations, to use PayPal to fundraise. 


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