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Tell The State Department Relations With Israel Don’t Help Palestinians!

In the month of January, Israel:

  • Banned the Palestinian flag from public spaces and deemed it a symbol of terrorism. 
  • Raided Jenin refugee camp, murdering 10 Palestinians.
  • Killed 35 Palestinians so far.

Despite this, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken joined Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a press conference on Monday, where he reaffirmed “ironclad” ties between the U.S. and Israel. He also expressed the Biden administration’s commitment to normalizing ties between Israel and Arab countries. He even tried to tout what the U.S. has done to help Palestinians. Help pressure the State Department to resist ties with Israel and stop normalization efforts by adding your name to the letter below.

Dear Secretary Blinken,

2022 was said to be the deadliest year for Palestinians since the second intifada, and that has not slowed down in the new year. Israel’s right-wing government has been ruthlessly attacking Palestinians throughout the month of January. 

During this month, Israel’s minister of National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir, gave orders to police to remove Palestinian flags from public spaces, banning them from being raised. He deemed the symbol of Palestinian identity a symbol of “terrorism”.  Just a couple weeks later, the Israeli army raided Jenin refugee camp, murdering 10 Palestinians, including an elderly woman. The constant targeting by police and fatal violence Palestinians face at the hands of Israel has amounted to 35 Palestinians being murdered in January.

The Biden administration must resist its ties with Israel, otherwise it is declaring that the U.S. supports the violence against Palestinians. The U.S. must rescind its support for Israel in order to put pressure on its government to comply with international law and stop its violation of Palestinian human rights. Strengthening ties with Israel empowers the country to continue its settler-colonial project, and causes Palestinians to be murdered by Israel and expelled from their homes. 

The Biden administration must also stop its normalization efforts between Israel and Arab countries. The efforts prevent Israel from being held accountable for the occupation of Palestine and increase global support for the apartheid state. Palestinians who bear the brunt of the occupation do not have a voice in this, and are left to be exiled and murdered.

We, the undersigned, ask that you resist ties with Israel and stop normalization efforts. 

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