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  • David Morrow
    commented 2019-06-15 09:38:25 -0400
    No more wars. These wars are costly, and they maim and kill innocent civilians. No more lying for these endless wars. What we want are medicare for all, education for all, rebuild the infrastructure in this country, etc.
  • Disce Pati
    commented 2019-06-15 03:18:50 -0400
    I am so damned tired of the constant war. If we had an absolutely fair and unbiased,incorruptible draft, we’d see just how fast our constant state of war would end. No one would be immune to going, even the children of pols.
  • gwynn o'neill
    commented 2019-06-15 02:08:45 -0400
    There are no players in the present Iran issue more anti-American than Pompeo and Bolton. Their push for war will completely destroy American values of decency and honor, not to mention risking nuclear war, in which everything is lost.
  • neysha sima
    commented 2019-06-15 01:09:07 -0400
    No War with Iran. It is an insult to people’s intelligence by telling them warring will bring Peace, we are all aware warring is to have control of other countries oil fields, and other resources.

    Sanctions\Wars against ordinary people denying them of Food and Medicines. Is it for the love of those people???. Sanctions\Wars create Refugee crisis, the U.S. imposes Sanctions\Wars around the world, but does not want Refugees.

    Stop the Wars, No War with Iran. Spend the money on Health Care, Education, Housing, Jobs, Social Programs, at home to improve the lives of Americans.
  • neysha sima
    commented 2019-06-15 00:22:19 -0400
    Iran is a civilization that dates back to thousand of years, unlike the USA which is about 243 years, and is located on Turtle Island, later renamed the Americas. Turtle Island was the name used by First Nations or Aboriginals, the original inhabitants. The USA in its short life, has had numerous wars with other countries, its time for the USA to promote PEACE.

    IRAN – Contributions to Civilization
    “In Iran, the Silk Road was of special importance. Considering the role of silk in ancient times, it can be said that the history of Iran and the Silk Road were intertwined. The Silk Road connected old centers of Iranian civilization that were located along the route. The trade and cultural exchange between the two great countries of Iran and China were carried out via the Silk Road.”

    “Iran made great contributions to the booming of silk trade and to the exportation of this commodity to the West. During the Parthian era, the Silk Road was still an important route for the exchange of commodities between various countries. Some steps were taken to repair and expand the Silk Road during the reign of the Parthian Emperor Mehrdad II, the Great. "

    “In this period Iran signed the first trade agreement with China, which was under the rule of the Huns. Chang Ki Yen was the head of a 100-man delegation that visited Iran. In his account of his travel to Iran, he gave some very interesting information about life in the Parthian Empire.”

    “According to the Chinese envoy, there were clever businessmen in Iran who made silk and shining paints. In the year 97 CE another ambassador named Kam Ying was dispatched to Iran by the famous Chinese warrior Pan Chao. Following him, another ambassador came to Iran who wrote, “the Romans intend to enter into silk trade with China via Iran but the Parthians are reluctant to let them do so. They themselves want to be the intermediary in China’s silk business.”

    “Iran, as a country located between China and Europe, played a key role in connecting various cultures and civilizations that existed along the Silk Road. After so many centuries, the road still invites all governments along its course to expand their ties and revive their old culture and civilization.”
  • Daniel Bender
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  • Murray Beaver
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  • cynthia linet
    commented 2019-06-14 23:07:37 -0400
    I can feel the Doomsday Day clock inching closer to midnight. WTF Stop this nonsense instantly or we are all doomed.
  • Navideh Arfaa
    commented 2019-06-14 23:07:15 -0400
    Please don’t make a war with Iran. Iranian people are full of love. They don’t deserve war.
  • Mona Seredin
    commented 2019-06-14 22:32:03 -0400
    No wars anymore, please!!!
  • Teri Franz
    commented 2019-06-14 22:20:33 -0400
  • Robert Keith
    commented 2019-06-14 21:12:50 -0400
    We have here here a classic example off the Freudian phenomenon of “projection”. We see Iran as the aggressor, when, in reality, it is we. With 800 military installations in 150 countries? And no real interests in those areas other than wanting to “control” them. Somehow fat (speak about self-control) Mike always forgets to start the story where it should begin: the 1953 CIA, which kicked out their democratically elected Prime Minister and ionstalled the autocratic Shah, and not the 1979 hostage-taking.

    It is a pity to see grownup people, especially when they are responsible for our “foreign antics”, with so little control over their connection to reality. Their affliction could be ignored except that, in this case, it’s serious business. Mike thinks that the Jews have to take over the Middle East so that Jesus can be reborn and convert them. The Jews think he’s effing crazy, but why turn down all the Christian Evangelical support? No Jew or Christian Evangelical should be anywhere near our foreign policy-making apparatus because of their ideological delusions.
  • Robert Keith
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  • Gregg Montgomery
    commented 2019-06-14 20:08:53 -0400
    Wake up! This is just another false flag event. Not one more American soldier should die for an unnecessary war. End the AUMF !! It’s Congress’s duty to declare war. No More Wars, Period!
  • Nancy Freeman
    commented 2019-06-14 19:19:55 -0400
    I am sure that most of you know that U.S. CIA under Eisenhower along with BP oil took out the Democratically elected Prime Minister because he was going to nationalize oil, so the Iranians could benefit from this Natural Resource. I think it is more egregious because Eisenhower knew that Iran provide a highway from the Persian Gulf to Soviet Union (who were taking the brunt of Hitler’s forces) to send Lend Lease weapons to help keep the war on the Eastern Front. That intervention and installing of a puppet Shah that had his Secret Police and other inhuman methods on the citizenry who wanted a Democracy (that’s why the elected Mosaddegh). Even Carter kowtowed to the Dictator. Result was the 1979 Revolution.
    Bottomline: U.S. has done enough harm and interference in Iran. Let’s reenter the Iran nuclear deal.
    And then, demand that the U.S. stop making nuclear weapons. What is the aim? Destroy the world? Or just destroy us with a humungous disaster. You might be interested in knowing that Tucson, AZ groundwater has tritium present since 1954 from the atomic testing in Nevada in the 1950’s.
  • Ronald A Cavalier
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  • Susan Allen
    commented 2019-06-14 18:13:44 -0400
  • gwynn o'neill
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  • Bonnie Dineen
    commented 2019-06-14 17:54:33 -0400
    USMC Veteran, Retired RN: NO WAR with IRAN! #PeaceWithIran Congressmembers: cosponsor H.R. 2354 and S.1039 use your power to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran. This Gulf of Oman probable false-flag scenario reminds me of the Gulf of Tonkin, WMDs in Iraq, so many other lies. Rand Carter, another signer reminded me; Congressmembers, ever read about Israel attacking USS Liberty, our Navy’s ship? Israel killed 34 US Sailors, injured 174. They meant to sink our ship. A sailor under Israeli fire, rigging up an antenna, so an SOS got out to the Sixth Fleet and Israel had to back off. It was labeled an “accident.” Our Gov’t helped cover up Israel’s dirty deed. Eventually, truth came out. We can, if we read and think for ourselves, see the ongoing cost of lies, such as those regarding USS Liberty. We don’t have “eventually” anymore. Diplomacy Now! Please read: or
  • Alcyone Komoto
    commented 2019-06-14 16:51:19 -0400
    Remember the Gulf of Tonkin incident? It consisted of two alleged attacks on American naval vessels by North Vietnamese patrol boats on August 2nd and August 4th, 1964. It was later revealed – in the release of the Pentagon Papers by Daniel Ellsberg and by several military insiders – that the first “attack” was a reasonable response to American aggression and the second was a hoax. We know what the result and the price of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was.

    Now we have the Gulf of Oman incident. Will We the American People let our" representatives" take our money and our lives to commit mayhem and murder once again? I say: NO!!!
  • Clarence Saalman
    commented 2019-06-14 15:55:17 -0400
    My mistake, Woodrow Wilson circa 1913 gave us the Fed, Harry Truman post WWII, gave us the phony Cold War and
    the military industrial complex, which was a conspiracy to defraud the American people.
  • Clarence Saalman
    commented 2019-06-14 15:50:08 -0400
    ‘pst WWI,’ I meant to say…
  • Clarence Saalman
    commented 2019-06-14 15:47:27 -0400
    I wrote to Trump, suggesting he transfer all CAO and budgeting/accounting responsibilities to an office organized and
    managed by the GAO [Govt Accounting Office], since the Dept of Defense cannot account for hundreds of billions, but
    more likely trillions. The GAO might also assume oversight for new acquisitions as well as supply chain fulfillments. The
    Defense Contractor Conglomeration, aka as MIC, has been out of control since Harry Truman conspired to keep it chugging

    along post WWII, by creating the bogeyman of Communism and USSR as an ‘existential’ threat. Mixed up with the oligarchical
    and trans-national cabals reducing people to penury, is the Fed, Central banks, USD petro counter-fiat Rothschild printing machines.
    The whole system is decadent and will implode, but till then we can get a firm grip on the Pentagon by having GAO take over
    accounting, and ask Trump and Congress to get rid of the Fed, put into place by Woodrow Wilson in 1913, after which he was paid off.
  • Mark Wells
    commented 2019-06-14 15:04:08 -0400
    End these wars. Stop fighting for Israel. The gig is up, we know who controls our government. This is a false flag and there is no doubt about it.
  • Ana Calderon
    commented 2019-06-14 15:01:02 -0400
    ENOUGH with the war mongering. Iran didn’t do anything. Stop wasting OUR MONEY!!! WE KNOW YOU ARE LYING!!
  • Felix Owusu
    commented 2019-06-14 14:58:58 -0400
    This is one of the cheapest political propanganda to be pepertuated against Iran!
  • Amy Harlib
    commented 2019-06-14 14:37:35 -0400
  • Amy Harlib
    commented 2019-06-14 14:36:59 -0400
  • Betty Gelinas
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