No War with Iran!

The Trump administration just designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization and in retaliation, Iran’s National Security Council has classified the U.S. Central Command as a terrorist organization. Bolton and Pompeo have ripped the same failed tactics from the Iraq playbook. If unchecked, this administration will lead us to military confrontation with Iran. Sign our petition and contact your senators to cosponsor Senator Udall’s Prevention of an Unconstitutional War with Iran Act to assert congressional war powers.

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The Trump administration is beating the drums of war with Iran. Recently, the administration listed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a foreign terrorist organization--the first time a government entity has been classified as such. In retaliation, Iran has designated the U.S. Central Command as a terrorist organization and claimed that it will treat U.S. military forces in the Middle East as ISIS. This is how wars start. I am greatly concerned that the Trump administration is provoking military confrontation with Iran and is bypassing Congress’ authority to declare war. I urge you to cosponsor this legislation that would prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran and reassert congressional war powers.


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    STOP Bolton and Pompeo from provoking military confrontation with Iran. Be a cosponsor of @SenatorTomUdall bill S.1039 to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran. via @codepink
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    This is really frightening. I’m really concerned not just for now but for the future between us and Iran. I’m very concerned that the moderates in Iran will have a very hard time convincing more conservative forces in Iran to work with Europeans and the United States in the future. We really should encourage Iran to move more towards having a possible diplomatic relationship with the United States and Europe. This Trump policy will encourage more conservative Iranian leaders to double down and be suspicious of the west and really ties the hands of a future American president to work with moderates in Iran.
  • Linda Ferland
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  • Imadofas
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    STOP Bolton and Pompeo from provoking military confrontation with Iran. Be a cosponsor of @SenatorTomUdall bill S.1039 to prevent an unconstitutional war with Iran. via @codepink
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    War is NOT the answer!
  • William Persky
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  • Azadeh Madiseh
    signed 2019-04-10 19:39:11 -0400
    I condemn another war that causes humanetarian cricis and refugee disaster. Leave Iran alone!
  • Meg Carter
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