No More Troops to Syria!

In September 2014, President Obama reassured the world that "I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria," saying the move would be a "profound mistake." He made this promise 15 more times to the American people, yet just a few days ago the President announced the deployment of 250 troops to Syria indefinitely.  

The American people are now expected to foot an astounding $375 million bill just to train the 250 Special Forces troops headed to Syria. The U.S. government should spend fewer resources on ground forces, and more on supporting peace talks and providing humanitarian assistance to the millions of Syrian people who are besieged, internally displaced, or refugees in other countries.

We the undersigned call on President Obama to keep his promise not to send troops into Syria and instead use diplomacy and peaceful processes to help bring the civil war to an end. Additionally, we ask that the $375 million that would have been used to further violence and war in Syria instead be used to provide aid for the millions of Syrians who have been displaced or sought refuge in other countries.

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Liz Amsden
Jeffrey Pekrul
Wayne Wilkinson
Dale Matlock
Frank Fredenburg
Kenneth Ruby
Jean Cheesman
Judith Cohen
Leon Van Steen
deni mack
Lilith Rogers
Paula Serraller
Henri-André Fourroux III
Lisa Hammermeister
Laura Summer
Amy Henry
jodie evans
Janet Weil
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  • Liz Amsden
    signed 2016-04-28 14:29:01 -0400
    No more war! I voted for Obama because he promised to stop American interference in the middle East. He should keep his promises, cut the military budget and start rebuilding American jobs, American infrastructure, American education…
  • Jeffrey Pekrul
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:57 -0400
    Jeffrey Pekrul
  • Wayne Wilkinson
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:41 -0400
  • Dale Matlock
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:41 -0400
  • Frank Fredenburg
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:21 -0400
  • Kenneth Ruby
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:19 -0400
    Militarism is for dinosaurs. Onward to a future of world peace. Say “NO!” to more violence in Syria and elsewhere.
  • Jean Cheesman
    signed 2016-04-28 14:28:00 -0400
  • Judith Cohen
    signed 2016-04-28 14:27:41 -0400
  • Leon Van Steen
    signed 2016-04-28 14:27:40 -0400
  • Lilith Rogers
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-04-28 14:27:26 -0400
    Call on President Obama to reverse the decision to deploy additional troops to Syria! via @codepink
  • deni mack
    signed 2016-04-28 14:26:45 -0400
  • Lilith Rogers
    signed 2016-04-28 14:26:45 -0400
    No more.
  • Paula Serraller
    signed 2016-04-28 14:26:40 -0400
    Violence cannot bring peace!
  • Henri-André Fourroux III
    signed 2016-04-28 14:26:05 -0400
  • Lisa Hammermeister
    signed 2016-04-28 14:25:42 -0400
  • Laura Summer
    signed 2016-04-28 14:25:29 -0400
  • Amy Henry
    signed 2016-04-28 14:24:38 -0400
    Amy Henry
  • jodie evans
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-04-28 14:23:59 -0400
    Pres Obama you said it would be a 'profound mistake' to send troops to Syria! Bring The Troops Home! @codepink
  • jodie evans
    @MsJodieEvans tweeted link to this page. 2016-04-28 14:23:54 -0400
    Pres Obama you said it would be a 'profound mistake' to send troops to Syria! Bring The Troops Home! @codepink
  • jodie evans
    signed 2016-04-28 14:13:06 -0400
  • Janet Weil
    signed 2016-04-28 14:09:55 -0400
    The U.S. should fund humanitarian aid to Syrians and negotiations, not special forces!

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