Washington Post: don't allow hate and Islamophobia in your paper

IMG_9659.jpgOn Sunday March 24, 2019 edition of the Washington Post included a deplorable full-page ad falsely accusing Representative Ilhan Omar of anti-semitism. It intentionally misleads readers to believe Rep. Omar made statements she never uttered.

Send a message now to the Washington Post telling them that as a leading U.S. newspaper, they have an obligation not to participate in smear campaigns and incitements to hatred and Islamophobia. Ask the Washington Post to apologize to Rep. Omar and the Muslim community and commit to not selling misleading and hateful ads.

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Dear Washington Post:

I was extremely dismayed to see you print Rabbi Shmuley’s misleading and Islamophobic ad smearing Representative Ilhan Omar and inciting hatred against Muslims.

The ad begins with the words “Jews control the world with their money” next to Rep. Omar’s face, giving the false impression she said that. She did not.

Spreading Islamophobia and hatred is dangerous. The New Zealand mosque massacre just took the lives of 50 people and Rep. Omar is already facing serious death threats. Printing this ad contributes to the dangers the congresswoman and the world Muslim community face.

Please apologize to Rep. Omar and the Muslim community and commit to no longer selling space in your paper for ads that propagate any form of hatred.

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Jawadali Ahmed
Bridget Gordon
Judy Plank
Ellen Hanley
Tamara Fettes
Adele Gilbert
Fran Clark
Jerry Gerber
Finn Eilertsen
Mark Rolofson
Stephen Lane Lane
Adam Kader
He;en de Haven
Burton Steck
Rik Masterson
Elaine Dorough Johnson
Baker Smith
Ursula Mathern
Randy Lopez
Jackie Dulle
Jeffery Walsh
Patricia Hendricks
Anna Swanson
Christy Wise
Phil Klein
Marcelo Brasil
Dave Gorina
Jonathan Smuck
Karen Peterson
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  • Jawadali Ahmed
    signed 2019-03-24 16:46:00 -0400
  • Bridget Gordon
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:59 -0400
    Bridget Gordon
  • Judy Plank
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:54 -0400
  • Ellen Hanley
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:51 -0400
    Ellen Hanley
  • Randy Lopez
    @RandyLo01327080 tweeted link to this page. 2019-03-24 16:45:43 -0400
    Hey @WashingtonPost: why are you selling ad space in your paper for hatred & Islamophobia?The New Zealand mosque massacre just happened and @IlhanMN is facing death threats https://www.codepink.org/no_hate_ads?recruiter_id=474549
  • Tamara Fettes
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:39 -0400
  • Adele Gilbert
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:36 -0400
  • Fran Clark
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:31 -0400
  • Jerry Gerber
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:25 -0400
    Shame on the NY Times. You should know better than to accept an ad that distorts what the Congresswoman actually said, and actually meant. The NY Times, cheerleader for racism, war and empire. We can count on the “paper of record” to protect democracy, yeah, right….
  • Finn Eilertsen
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:15 -0400
  • Mark Rolofson
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:15 -0400
  • Stephen Lane Lane
    signed 2019-03-24 16:45:07 -0400
    That ad propagates the lie that being opposed to Israel’s occupation of Palestine is anti-Semitic, among others. Please do not print any more like it.
  • Adam Kader
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:44 -0400
  • He;en de Haven
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:34 -0400
    Otherwise, you have lost me as a reader.
  • Burton Steck
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:31 -0400
  • Rik Masterson
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:24 -0400
  • Elaine Dorough Johnson
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:23 -0400
  • Baker Smith
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:19 -0400
    Baker Smith
  • Ursula Mathern
    signed 2019-03-24 16:44:06 -0400
  • Randy Lopez
    signed 2019-03-24 16:43:09 -0400
  • Jackie Dulle
    signed 2019-03-24 16:42:48 -0400
  • Jeffery Walsh
    signed 2019-03-24 16:42:12 -0400
  • Patricia Hendricks
    signed 2019-03-24 16:41:44 -0400
    Patricia Hendricks
  • Anna Swanson
    signed 2019-03-24 16:41:31 -0400
  • Christy Wise
    signed 2019-03-24 16:41:24 -0400
  • Phil Klein
    signed 2019-03-24 16:41:00 -0400
    Phil Klein
  • Marcelo Brasil
    signed 2019-03-24 16:40:46 -0400
  • Dave Gorina
    signed 2019-03-24 16:40:33 -0400
  • Jonathan Smuck
    signed 2019-03-24 16:40:30 -0400
  • Karen Peterson
    signed 2019-03-24 16:40:22 -0400

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