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No Drones Retreat: Creech AFB


SHUT DOWN CREECH Action, Spring 2016 - Photo by Sharat Lin

CODEPINK Drone Resistance Week at Creech AFB

Sat. Nov. 6 to Sun. Nov. 12

On Sept. 27 a US Drone Strike killed 15 Afghans and wounded 13 - 27 others, according to varied reports.  US military officials initially claimed all were militants.  But most other sources are reporting they were all civilian men, killed while sleeping in their beds, and gathered at the home of a health official to welcome his return from the Hajj, or pilgrimage to Mecca.  The U.N. Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported the victims were  "students, a teacher, and members of families considered to be pro-government." There was almost no mainstream U.S. media coverage of this horrific war crime...but the usual U.S. response was: “We take every possible measure to avoid civilian casualties in these operations, and will continue to work with Afghan authorities to determine if there is cause for additional investigation.”   .....NOT! How many other brutal drone strikes occur in which we receive no news? In one air strike alone, 160 Somalians were killed by the US in March of this year. Will you join CODEPINK in opposing US terror from the blue skies on the world's poorest? Creech AFB is the central control center for US Drone Killing in the world, where the USAF murders for the CIA. Our presence does make a difference.  With daily vigils during rush hour commutes, our creative messages for peace & justice reaches souls.  The military reported that there is a high turnover in drone pilots at Creech AFB, limiting them from flying as many killer missions as they would like.  Help us continue to have a positive effect.

Why go to Creech?  

Watch Russia Today Drone Documentary: Game of Drones:    New type of war crime that's going unpunished (27.5 Min., Includes CODEPINK at Creech, Fall 2015)

 Everyone is invited to join CODEPINK's Fall Nonviolent Action to Stop Drones and Endless Warfare.  We will be staying at the beautiful Goddess Temple grounds to sleep, eat and rejuvenate between daily early am and pm vigils.  Nonviolent direct action will be planned, support people needed too!

Daily excursions between vigils to connect each other, with mother nature, and to rejuvenate and strategize for peace.....walks in the desert, hot springs soaks, wild horses visit, and more. While doing very critical and necessary peace work, it's also a great opportunity to bond with fellow peace activists and support each other in our work. We will share meals and chore responsibilities.  Women will be staying in the Goddess Temple guest house, men will be camping somewhere on the Goddess Temple grounds.  Outdoor shower available for men. The guest house has very limited beds, so early registration is highly recommended to guarantee a bed for you. 

REGISTRATION: Please contact Toby:  [email protected]
Deadline to register:  October 29, so that we can coordinate work groups for meal planning and prep, etc.

Participants will each share in one day of meal preps.  Meals will be primarily vegan/vegetarian.

Please let us know asap if you plan to come, and if you have food allergies or other special needs.

Van rental:  We have funds to pay for a van from the Bay Area. (Please reserve by Oct. 15).

BED RESERVATIONS:  Please contact Maggie,  [email protected]

TRANSPORTATION:  Please contact Eleanor,  [email protected]
for coordinating RIDE SHARING and Airport Pick-up and drop off from Las Vegas. Please let her know, asap if you can offer a ride, or need one....airport pick-up may require a 2-3 hour wait, depending).

Optimal Arrival Times:  9:00am - 7pm
Optimal Departure Times:  10:30- 7pm
BEST to schedule flights between vigil times, 9am to 2am, or travel on the weekend. Please avoid early am or late pm flights.  We also understand that there may be personal reasons these times can't work, and we will do our best to accommodate you.
IMPORTANT:  If you are planning to come, please make sure you arrange for an absentee ballot... the election will take place on Nov. 8th.  

Please notify us if you have any great ideas for our upcoming NO DRONES WEEK & RETREAT at Creech! SHUT DOWN CREECH NOW!