Nita Lowey: No $54B for War!

Dear Representative Nita Lowey,

 As ranking Democrat on the Appropriations Committee, we ask you to vote against Trump’s proposed budget that will increase military spending by $54 billion. The June 2017 Mayor’s conference in Miami passed a resolution calling for the funding of U.S. cities rather than war. These mayors represent the voices of the American people and you should too!



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    American Society for Public Administration, Budget and Finance
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    Mariel Hess
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    Increased military spending does not increase our security here at home or security in countries around the world. Only spending towards human needs — genuine environmental protection, nutritious food, engaging education, affordable housing, innovative job creation and the like — can build lasting security here in the US and elsewhere.
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    Dear Rep Lowry,

    It is too long now that citizen’s tax monies are increasingly allocated toward military spending while communities are left to fight over a scarcity of funding for education, affordable housing, day care and other basic necessities of a health democracy. Once these monies are allocated to the military they do not return for public debate and the Military does not have adequate oversight for the use of such substantial funds.

    Military action a blight on the water, soil, and health of all living things. It isn’t just that it ought to be a last resort, it is simply ineffective, wasteful and should no longer be an option. We now have tools of human maturity and intelligence to navigate conflict in more effective ways with fewer costs. It is time to deny funding to technologies that are expensive, out dated and that wreak havoc on the land, water, wildlife and people of the world. We need to invest in education and in foreign language study, in diplomatic resource. We need to share the technologies of water purification and distribution and be available for the support of people suffering from natural disasters.

    Please make every effort to deny this effort and to open up the existing budget for public examination, debate and reallocation.

    Thank you for your service in the Congress and for your consideration of my perspective.


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    @NitaLowey support 2017 Mayors Conference res on Trump's budget Vote #No54billion increase in military spending!
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    This country should be spending this $54 billion to provide food, adequate health care, shelter and other life essentials for our millions of citizens who every day go without. The human statistics for our country are already shameful beyond belief compared to the rest of the world, even undeveloped countries. Our maternal mortality is just one horrible example. The last thing we need is to spend more money on the military. If anything, the military budget should be cut in order to meet real human needs here in our country and around the world..
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    Trump's budget increases military spending by 54 billion! Say NO! Military spending is already half of USA's budget.
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    Over half of the US budget already goes to military, yet there isn’t money for schools or health care or early childhood care or decent housing for all? To increase the military budget is criminal. It is murder of people around the world, and it is the murder of Americans.
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    As Gen. Butler stated:“War is a racket”. Stop the killing-Stop all wars. Use the $ for creation-not destruction! Why does Congress only have $ for bank bailouts and the military-industrial-congressional-complex?
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    Jocelyn Wills
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    Fund the needs of America’s cities, not the pockets of defense/military companies. Also, the State department needs to be staffed, to work on diplomacy. Sen. Lindsay Graham said that today on a Sunday morning talk show.
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    farzad qmehr

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