MSNBC: There's Nothing Beautiful about War

Sign our petition to tell MSNBC there is nothing beautiful about war, destruction, and death. Let’s show them what beauty really is. The beauty of people coming together to demand truth and justice and fairness and peace. The beauty of resistance.


There is nothing beautiful about war! You and the rest of the mainstream media should be covering the humanitarian crisis in Yemen instead of waxing poetic about the beauty of Tomahawk missiles. You should be calling for humanitarian aid, diplomacy, and a U.S. budget that supports children, education, and the environment over military spending, bombs, and war. As the voice of our society, have a responsibility to support and amplify not the drumbeat of war, but the movements for peace and diplomacy and the humanitarian needs of children in Yemen, Syria, and more.

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  • Heather
    signed 2017-04-27 16:20:39 -0400
    I’m pretty sure that was not what Brian meant. He is one of my favorite hosts on MSNBC.He does not interrupt his guests, knows what he’s talking about & even has a sense of humor. I miss him.

    Get over yourselves people!
  • Enrica Paccoi
    signed 2017-04-27 00:36:49 -0400
  • Haven C
    signed 2017-04-25 22:54:25 -0400
  • Liz Contadeluci
    signed 2017-04-25 07:43:34 -0400
    Journalists that speak positively positively about war are supporting Trump’s agenda! There is nothing good about it! Also, get rid of Greta…she is horrible!
  • Nancy Hunter
    signed 2017-04-25 00:46:34 -0400
    Time to let Brian Williams go!!!!
  • Ordell Vee
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-25 00:15:06 -0400
    Sign the petition to MSNBC: There's Nothing Beautiful about War! @codepink #SyriaStrikes #mediaaccountability @MSNBC
  • Ordell Vee
    @redot2005 tweeted link to this page. 2017-04-25 00:15:01 -0400
    Sign the petition to MSNBC: There's Nothing Beautiful about War! @codepink #SyriaStrikes #mediaaccountability @MSNBC
  • Ordell Vee
    signed 2017-04-25 00:14:50 -0400
  • Leanna Stoufer
    signed 2017-04-24 20:27:08 -0400
    We need MSNBC and other news providers to continue the in-depth, investigative reporting. We do not need to glorify war, or use any adjectives that make war less serious than it is.
  • Gail Kaplin
    signed 2017-04-24 19:29:35 -0400
    Bombs, war, and murder, are not beautiful.
  • Audrey Bultema
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-04-24 19:17:37 -0400
    Sign the petition to MSNBC: There's Nothing Beautiful about War! @codepink #SyriaStrikes #mediaaccountability @MSNBC
  • Audrey Bultema
    signed 2017-04-24 19:16:37 -0400
  • MaryLou Jones
    signed 2017-04-24 18:27:59 -0400
    Bombs are NOT beautiful in anyway! Please apologize for your idiotic remark!
  • Sharon Beers
    signed 2017-04-24 18:16:59 -0400
    C’mon, Brian. You are better than that!
  • kay r
    signed 2017-04-24 14:34:14 -0400
  • Debra Doucette
    signed 2017-04-24 14:30:39 -0400
    Brian, please stop pontificating so much and stick to reporting. If you want to be a flowery writer, then write a book. It was awful of you to describe bombs as “beautiful”, what in the world were you thinking.
  • Karla Davenport
    signed 2017-04-24 14:29:31 -0400
  • Vanessa Jamison
    signed 2017-04-24 13:40:04 -0400
  • Susan Holm
    signed 2017-04-24 13:37:15 -0400
  • Sally Kupchock
    signed 2017-04-24 12:00:21 -0400
    No WAR!
  • Evangeline Valdez
    signed 2017-04-24 11:18:31 -0400
    Trumps bombs on Syria was just for show. Haven’t you caught on to his lies yet? Or are you a trump supporter? What’s up with that?
  • Dee Dean
    signed 2017-04-24 09:36:11 -0400
    There is nothing beautiful about war . It make me sick , bombs that kill innocent men, women and children. Sounds like no one with be happy until another 5000 Americans are killed…
  • amy glen
    signed 2017-04-24 09:22:04 -0400
  • Cynthia Alexander
    signed 2017-04-24 08:57:21 -0400
    Cynthia Alexander
  • Charlene Josey
    signed 2017-04-24 08:50:30 -0400
    Missiles and war are nothing to speak eloquently of
  • Pirooz Daneshmandi
    signed 2017-04-24 08:39:56 -0400
  • Vicki Robbins
    signed 2017-04-24 08:26:30 -0400
    There is NOTHING BEAUTIFUL about war.
  • Marc Starcke
    signed 2017-04-24 07:41:57 -0400
  • Ralph Mahnke
    signed 2017-04-24 07:18:30 -0400
  • Renate Dalton
    signed 2017-04-24 07:12:44 -0400
    I was in shock when he said it was beautiful.

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