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Mothers’ Day 2017


In 1872, Julia Ward Howe declared the first "Mother's Day for Peace” when she sounded the call to DISARM, DISARM! This year, we heed will Julia’s call and bring together our mothers, daughters, aunts, children and all who want to work for an end to racism, islamophobia, transphobia, misogyny, militarism, violence, war, and other forms of hate.

As Trump took office we pledged to rise, love, and resist with all our strength. Over the last couple months we have seen the hate and racism that Trump’s campaign promised us go into overdrive. But we have also seen a massive rise in the resistance movement. Together we can stand against walls, bans, and wars and bring about a world of peace and justice.

Other ways you can take action:

  • Host a Community Gathering

Gather with friends and neighbors. Use this opportunity to discuss and reflect how the extractive, violent, war economy impacts mothers, women, children, and other peoples around the world. Talk about how to rise, resist and build around the military budget increase and the divestment in social services. Create a statement, write an article, commit to volunteering with organizations in your community. Make this gathering something recurrent! Let us know you are hosting a community gathering and we can support with ideas and outreach.

  • Take a Picture with Your Message, Or Use Our's and Post it on Social Media

Create a banner with a message to stop the violence and exploitation against mothers, women, children. Gather up as many friends as you can, and take a picture with the banner. Post it on our Facebook and Twitter, using the hashtags #riseloveresist #feminismnotmilitarism #No54forWar. Share the graphic above. 

  • Create Art

Express your experiences and power through art. Show how the creation of the feminine will change the world. Share it with us on Facebook, Twitter, or email us!

Join/organize another local action! Let us know how we can support you!!