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The Missing Peace: Mothers Against Genocide CODEPINK Community Hour

Join CODEPINK Palestine campaign organizer, Nour, and our communications manager, Melissa for our newest online community call, "Missing Peace Mondays," where we come together to reflect, mourn, educate, and mobilize. 

This Monday, we'll focus on the crucial role of mothers, family members, community participants, and global citizens in opposing genocide. Community members will participate in discussions about actionable steps to inspire change, strategies for advocating Palestine support in schools, and insights into our Mother Against Genocide Campaign.

Monday’s Featured Community Member:

Tara Dorabji, a CODEPINK community member from Northern CA, along with her children Kali and Ixchel, is leading the Education Not Occupation campaign. This initiative aims to uphold human rights in Palestine and disrupt oppressive systems and cycles of violence in schools, communities, and the world. Tara's letter writing campaign urges school districts to diversify curriculum, protect student freedom of speech, condemn hate speech, support young people affected by the conflict, and assist teachers in addressing the human rights atrocities in Palestine.

People across the world are rising up in solidarity with Palestinians to protest the genocide in Gaza. The most powerful voice in the world is the collective voice of mothers. Right now, a missing peace is the powerful and nurturing voices of mothers and community members standing together. 

In history, when mothers stood together and supported each other, amazing things have happened. Author E.M Forster famously said "I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars.” 

Palestinian mothers have shown us over and over again their unmatched resilience. Together we too can be resilient. As a community, let’s find our collective voice of love, hope, and power. 






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