Members of Raytheon Anti-war Coalition to rally against Raytheon sponsorship of JFK Library Space Summit

Press Release: For Immediate Release

What: Protest of JFK Presidential Library and Museum collaboration with Raytheon

When: Wednesday, June 19 from 4:30 to 6:30pm

Where: JFK Presidential Library, Columbia Point on the harbor, Boston

Contact: Brian Garvey 978-604-1307,

Call attention to Raytheon arms sales to Saudi Arabia for Yemen War and militarization of space

Boston -- On Wednesday, June 19 local residents from peace organizations will gather outside the JFK Presidential Library to speak out against the Library’s collaboration with Raytheon while the company plays a major role in creating the great humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Raytheon sells massive quantities of bombs and other weapons to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen and is deepening its relationship to the Saudis and to the United Arab Emirates.

“We oppose Raytheon for the role they are playing in the brutal slaughter of the people of Yemen” says Alice Pote of the Coalition to Stop the Genocide in Yemen. “Raytheon is supplying weapons and expertise to the Saudi-led coalition which has been documented by many international observers using those very same weapons to commit war crimes against the people of Yemen. Raytheon's participation in the JFK Space Summit is a cynical attempt to whitewash its image as a war profiteer. We call on Raytheon to immediately stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia and cease its deadly participation in the slaughter of Yemeni men, women, and children."

Noting the proposed merger with United Technologies, Vietnam Veteran Paul Atwood comments, “I represent the Boston chapter of Vets for Peace. What Raytheon and all the major weapons manufacturers are doing with respect to the Saudi/UAE war against Yemen is a crime. We think that the citizens of Massachusetts should take note that this merger will eventuate in the second largest member of the Military-Industrial Complex. We appeal to our fellow citizens not to allow this Massachusetts-based rogue company to speak for us.”

The rally will also point out Raytheon’s role in militarizing space:

As Ana Milosavljevic said, "the militarization of space will no doubt exacerbate tension between China, Russia, and the US, increasing the likelihood of a major war. War profiteers like Raytheon consider the militarization of space a lucrative business opportunity and thus invest substantial PR funding into events like the JFK Space Summit. It is a tragedy that the JFK Library hails its collaboration with this merchant of death on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.”

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