CNN: Rehire Marc Lamont Hill

On November 29, 2018, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was fired from CNN for a speech he gave to the United Nations in support of Palestinian rights. 

Help us tell CNN they did the wrong thing. Tell CNN to rehire Dr. Hill! 


Dear CNN,

You made the wrong choice by firing Marc Lamont Hill for his speech at the UN, which included the phrase "from the river to the sea." Speaking up for Palestinian rights is not anti-semitic or a threat to Israelis.

As Dr. Hill said in regard to the speech he gave to the UN that caused him to be fired:

“My reference to “river to the sea” was not a call to destroy anything or anyone. It was a call for justice, both in Israel and in the West Bank/Gaza. The speech very clearly and specifically said those things. No amount of debate will change what I actually said or what I meant.”

Dr. Hill’s speech received a long ovation from the diplomats at the UN.

Marc Lamont Hill is a powerful defender of civil and human rights for all people. He is a powerful ally for the Palestinian people who live under siege, under military occupation and under state laws of discrimination.

As people concerned with freedom for the Palestinian people and justice and equality for all people, we ask that you immediately rehire Marc Lamont Hill.

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Roseann Saah
Alfred Robert Hogan
Tina Rockett
Rick Adams
Osman Aead
John McHale
B. Geary
Christian Pinilla
Farhana Subedar
Barbara Williams
May Yufanyi
Nisreen Ahmad
John Cole
Janet Gillespie Gillespie
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Mohsin Imam
Rashad Shabazz
Georges Elkhoury
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  • Roseann Saah
    signed 2018-12-01 23:04:22 -0500
    I stand with Marc!
  • Alfred Robert Hogan
    signed 2018-12-01 22:15:14 -0500
    Prof. Marc Lamont Hill was virtually the sole even slightly leftist voice even occasionally seen on CNN-US. This proudly part-Jewish longtime journalist-historian commends Prof. Hill for his pro-peace and pro-human rights thoughtful positions and statements, re Israel and in general. He said absolutely nothing wrongful during his speech at the U.N. International Solidarity Day with Palestinians event in NYC on Wednesday 28 November 2018, and I have read his text. Please re-hire him PROMPTLY, with a sincere apology, and feature him and other progressives MUCH more often.
  • Tina Rockett
    signed via 2018-12-01 21:07:43 -0500
  • Rick Adams
    signed 2018-12-01 20:56:57 -0500
  • Osman Aead
    signed 2018-12-01 20:56:55 -0500
  • John McHale
    signed 2018-12-01 20:42:06 -0500
  • B. Geary
    signed 2018-12-01 20:25:53 -0500
  • Christian Pinilla
    signed 2018-12-01 19:51:30 -0500
  • Farhana Subedar
    signed 2018-12-01 19:07:47 -0500
  • Barbara Williams
    signed 2018-12-01 18:59:45 -0500
    I am sick of the double standards One for Israel and the rest of the world be damned. Israel IS a war criminal and decent folks know it!
  • May Yufanyi
    signed 2018-12-01 18:55:19 -0500
  • Nisreen Ahmad
    signed 2018-12-01 18:47:30 -0500
  • John Cole
    signed via 2018-12-01 18:39:33 -0500
    I have not visited the area Marc Lamon Hill was refuring to.

    I’m sure he would not sit in the United Nation Assembly and lie to the world.

    CNN should send Chris Cuomo over there for a close up look. Only if they feel it would be safe.
  • Janet Gillespie Gillespie
    signed 2018-12-01 18:37:22 -0500
  • Nader Nofal
    signed 2018-12-01 17:59:19 -0500
  • Mohsin Imam
    signed 2018-12-01 17:30:29 -0500
  • Rashad Shabazz
    signed via 2018-12-01 17:07:42 -0500
    Zionism is racism and genocide because it requires the expulsion of the overwhelming majority of the indigenous population, the Palestinians!
  • Georges Elkhoury
    signed 2018-12-01 17:00:44 -0500
    Ready to help rehire an honest journalist
  • Christiana Harle
    signed 2018-12-01 16:30:51 -0500
  • Amy Harlib
    @ tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-01 16:28:04 -0500
    Hey @cnn @marclamonthill is a powerful advocate for Palestinian rights and dignity and equality for all. Reverse your decision and rehire Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. #IStandWithMLH
  • Amy Harlib
    signed 2018-12-01 16:27:53 -0500
  • Rehan Ahmed
    signed 2018-12-01 16:15:19 -0500
  • Lou Novak
    @lounovak tweeted link to this page. 2018-12-01 16:06:57 -0500
    Hey @cnn @marclamonthill is a powerful advocate for Palestinian rights and dignity and equality for all. Reverse your decision and rehire Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. #IStandWithMLH
  • Lou Novak
    signed via 2018-12-01 16:06:45 -0500
    It is time to Boycott, Divest and Sanction the state of Israel
  • Leen Jabary
    signed 2018-12-01 15:58:30 -0500
  • Firoze Moliko
    signed via 2018-12-01 15:51:39 -0500
  • Ida Holter
    signed 2018-12-01 15:43:07 -0500
  • José Muñoz
    signed 2018-12-01 15:15:50 -0500
  • Obery Hendricks
    signed 2018-12-01 15:06:29 -0500
  • Jimmy John
    signed 2018-12-01 14:41:04 -0500

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