Make Hearts Project

Hearts.pngDuring the Women’s Marches which are taking place all over the country on Inauguration Day, CODEPINK will be showing up with love, and leading with hearts and all of the values that represent us. Will you be joining us? Bring hearts full of values. Create pink cardboard hearts for yourself and to share, showing what you are leading with at the march!

You can also download our quarter page flyer to print and handout! Page 1 is Black & White, Page 2 is Color!

OR use our quarter page hearts flyer!

Chants Quarter Page Flyer


Cardboard, cutter/scissors, pink paint, markers



  1. Pick up some cardboard from your recycling bin

  2. Draw a heart/s in the cardboard — choose the size heart based on what you want to carry

  3. Cut the hearts

  4. Paint the hearts with pink paint — you can use acrylic paint from an arts and craft store

  5. Write values and/or messages on the hearts

  6. Add @codepink at the bottom

  7. Make one or extra hearts to give out

  8. Take a picture of you in the protest and tag us on Twitter or Facebook

Messages and Values

  • Rise^Love^Resist
  • Build Bridges not Walls
  • Love, Not Hate
  • Grow Peace
  • Diplomacy not War
  • One Love, One Human Family
  • Arms are for Hugging


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  • Debi Echevarria Richter
    commented 2017-01-14 11:34:45 -0500
    So ready to put my pink back on! Thank you for all you have done, are doing and will continue to do. <3