Lies & Costs Education ToolKit

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"The Fraudulent War"

A powerpoint of deeply researched facts surrounding the lies behind the design of the Iraq War. A comprehensive learning resource on #TheLies. 

Uncover the Local Costs of the Iraq War

Calculate how much your community, city, and/or state are paying for war through taxes or hidden costs (homelessness, lack of affordable housing, student debt, extreme police violence, lack of access to health care, etc.) 

Interactive Timeline: Buying the War

How to use the interactive timeline

This "Buying the War" Interactive Timeline lets you view some of the media coverage leading up to the Iraq War. Click on "headlines" to see newspaper coverage (and read the articles), choose documents for more important articles and the documents in the case (for example U.S. and U.N. reports), watch video from the documentary, media coverage and analysis." 

Pre-War Media Slideshow

Films on the Iraq Invasion and War

The following films are accessible for free online. Watch them to learn more about the lies and the costs of the Iraq War. You can also host screenings of this film at your home or a community space and then have a discussion afterwards with attendees over how you can support the tribunal. You can also share this Toolkit on your social media pages.

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