Press Coverage: Lady Liberty and Klu Klux Klan Members Protest Sessions' Confirmation Hearing


What is Code Pink?

Code Pink Heckles Jeff Sessions At His Confirmation Hearing & It's Their Passionate Last Attempt To Stop Him,

Code Pink Removed From Tillerson Hearing Before It Begins,

Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing for attorney general -- live blog CBS News

Watch: Code Pink Protester Kicked Out Of Sessions Hearing
Daily Caller - Anti-war leftist protest group Code Pink disrupted the confirmation hearing of Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, and were eventually thrown out for protesting the ...

Amid protest, Jeff Sessions kicks off Trump Cabinet nominee hearings
AOL News-48 minutes ago

Protesters interrupt Sessions confirmation hearing, shout 'no Trump ...
International-WJLA-17 minutes ago

WATCH LIVE: Sessions' AG confirmation hearing off to rocky start
Live Updating-New York Daily News-50 minutes ago

Protests erupt as Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing begins
Washington Examiner (blog)  A pair of demonstrators posing as Ku Klux Klan members erupted into protest at the outset of the confirmation hearing for attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., masquerading as Sessions reporter in order to highlight charges of racism ...

Sessions defends himself against allegations of racism
Right as Sessions was walking in, two demonstrators apparently dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan were escorted out of the room. During one of his introductions, a woman protesting with Code Pink was escorted out calling Sessions "evil," and two ...

Amid protest, Jeff Sessions kicks off Trump Cabinet nominee hearings
AOL News ‎ - Hearings regarding incoming cabinet appointments commenced on Tuesday, with the questioning of Donald Trump's attorney general pick, Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions. The duty of the U.S. attorney general is to uphold and enforce the laws of the nation -- a ...

Code Pink Heckles Jeff Sessions At His Confirmation Hearing & It's ...
Bustle - According to a tweet from Seung Jeu Kim, a Congressional reporter for Politico, a handful of the Code Pink protesters were dressed as KKK ...

Protesters disrupt Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing with KKK call-out
Mic Sen. Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing for attorney general got off to a rocky start Tuesday, with multiple protests disrupting the proceedings ...

WATCH: Protesters Repeatedly Interrupt Jeff Sessions Confirmation ...

Trump Cabinet Senate Confirmation Hearings Live
ABC News (blog) Watch the latest developments in the Senate confirmation hearings of a handful of... A Code Pink protester just now escorted out of Sessions confirmation hearing. ... that two protesters were removed from Sessions' hearing before it started.

Protesters dressed as KKK disrupt Sessions hearing
Daily Mail Sessions is expected to undergo a grilling over accusations he ... a Code Pink protester as she was dragged out of the marbled hearing room.

'You can't arrest me — I'm white!': Protesters dressed as Klansmen ...

Raw Story- Protesters dressed as Klansmen ejected from Sessions hearing ... Jeff Sessions's(R – AL) Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday after they ... The two protesters, who were joined by several Code Pink members who were ...

Protesters disrupt Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing with KKK call-out

VIDEO=> Code Pink Protesters Dressed as KKK Greet AG Nominee Jeff Sessions at Hearing 


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  • Joe Conover
    commented 2017-05-03 15:47:02 -0400
    Please do tell me, a bleeding heart liberal, how having two clowns lie and pretend to be KKK members does anything meaningful to help our cause.
  • B. Geary
    followed this page 2017-01-14 19:11:01 -0500
  • Jay Weiner
    commented 2017-01-14 16:40:29 -0500
    Shame we have to resist such a monstrous nominee, he is Mr. Congeniality in the Senate, but his record says RACIST and he doesn’t think women or LGBT folk need hate-crime protection, "the Voting Rights Act is an intrusive(unnecessary) law, the NAACP and ACLU are “unAmerican”! Great pick to heal and unify the divided nation NOT!