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Remodel RE/MAX

In 2014, CODEPINK launched a campaign entitled Remodel RE/MAX: No Open Homes on Stolen Land, asking the RE/MAX, the Denver-based real estate corporation, to cease its complicity in the sale or rental of settlement properties through its contract with RE/MAX Israel. Remodel RE/MAX: No Open House on Stolen Land campaign is part of the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a call by Palestinian civil society to engage in non-violent activism by boycotting companies and institutions that are complicit in Israel’s occupation. This year CODEPINK disrupted the annual RE/MAX R4 conference in Las Vegas to tell Israel VP of Marketing, Gil Le-ran that RE/MAX must stop selling houses on stolen Palestinian land and attended their annual shareholder meeting where RE/MAX in Denver. Find out more at remodelremax.org

No Airbnb in #StolenHomes


In January 2016 CODEPINK launched the Stolen Homes campaign with American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, Sum of Us, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, and US Palestinian Community Network. The Stolen Homes Campaign calls on online hospitality company Airbnb to remove its listings for vacation rentals in illegal Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The campaign began with a CODEPINK-led protest in front of Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco.

The Stolen Homes coalition then collected over 140,000 signatures on a petition asking Airbnb to remove their Israeli settlement listings. The coalition also created a parody website where people can leave comments on what they thought of Airbnb’s occupation profiteering. The coalition delivered the petition to Airbnb offices in San Francisco, Portland OR, Paris, and the UK.

On May 11, 2016, CODEPINK’s Ariel Gold disrupted a talk by Airbnb board of directors member Alfred Lin at Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC in Brooklyn, NY. Fed up with Airbnb’s continuing contributions to Israeli human rights abuses, Ariel got on the stage where Lin was speaking and unveiled a banner reading Airbnb hosts apartheid. Ariel was removed from the stage and arrested for trespassing but not before she had time to tell Alfred Lin that Airbnb needs to stop listing homes in illegal Israeli settlements in violation of international law.

The Stolen Homes coalition is now escalating its campaign by asking corporate investors in Airbnb to pressure the company to remove its listings in illegal Israeli settlements. Learn more about the campaign and the coalition at act.stolenhomes.org


Boycott Ahava: Stolen Beauty


CODEPINK launched stolenbeauty.org in June 2009 with a protest at the Ahava shop in the Tel Aviv Hilton. As part of the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement that aims to ensure equality, freedom and justice, CODEPINK has focused its boycott efforts on Ahava and Soda Stream, two companies that have manufacturing plants in illegal settlements in the Occupied West Bank.

Boycott HP

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 12.52.55 PM.png

CODEPINK is part of the International Boycott HP Network working to end HP’s role in supplying the technology of Israeli occupation and apartheid.HP is the second largest investor in Israeli Information Technology (IT). Technology and equipment that facilitates Israel’s illegal occupation and system of apartheid.

The Checkpoints – HP's Basel system is installed at the Israeli military checkpoints in the occupied West Bank, depriving Palestinians the freedom of movement.

The Israeli Military – HP provides the IT infrastructure for the Israeli Navy, thereby helping to enforce the blockade of Gaza, and supplies the computer systems for the Ministry of Defense.

The Settlements – HP provides services and technologies to two of the largest settlements in the occupied West Bank (Modi'in Illit and Ariel).

Biometric ID cards – occupied territories - HP facilitates Israeli control of the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank with its biometric identification of Palestinian civilians.

Biometric ID cards – citizens of Israel – HP facilitates Israeli apartheid with the development of its biometric system that differentiates Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel, among other ethnicities and religions.

Learn more through the Boycott HP Central website hosted by the BDS National Committee and join CODEPINK at the November 25-December 3 week of action to Boycott HP.


Palestinian Human Rights Defenders

CODEPINK is proud to work directly with Palestinian Human Rights Defenders to lift up their work and help protect them as they face attacks and attempts to silence them.

End US Military Aid to Israel


CODEPINK, together with Global Exchange, Interfaith Peace-builders, the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and over 100 peace and justice groups, are dedicated to exposing and decrying the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a far-right Israeli lobby group. For years, CODEPINK has been leading protests, including civil disobedience, at AIPAC’s annual policy conference in Washington DC.

Israel, with its many decades of experience in military occupation, racial profiling, urban warfare, and suppression of human rights, is now exporting its policing tactics to the United States. There is not a single state in America today that has not had a police department trained by Israel. Since 2001, over 9000 US police offices have participated in trips to Israel for trainings. In addition, top officials from Israel’s police force, army, and intelligence also travel to the U.S. to lead seminars and conferences for US police.

Map of U.S. Police departments that have trained in Israel and the organizations that arranged for the training - coming soon

Our cities and towns should not be regarded as war zones. US policing, which originated as a part of the slave economy, should be working to end its entanglements with institutionalized racism and the military industrial complex rather than adopting the tactics of Israel’s military occupation. Further trainings with the Israeli police and military serve to increase racial profiling, discriminatory stop-and-frisks, militarization, over-policing of poor and working class communities of color. We must work towards building local peace economies rather than furthering our relationships with a foreign military and police force that is unapologetically engaged in the military occupation of Palestine. We call on local police forces to end their collaborations with the agents of Israel’s occupation.

Women Prisoners


Pal children.jpg

The situation on the ground for Palestinian children is rapidly deteriorating, so CODEPINK has joined our allies at the American Friends Service Committee, Jewish Voice for Peace, and more for a new campaign called  No Way to Treat a Child Campaign.

At the end of February, there were 440 Palestinian children in Israeli military detention. This is the highest number since data became available from the Israel Prison Service in 2008 and the numbers are growing. A report released in April by Defense for Children International - Palestine, based on the testimony of 429 Palestinian children detained by Israeli military or police, found that three-quarters endured some form of physical violence following the arrest.

For the first time in nearly four years, Israel has reintroduced the use of administrative detention against children, a procedure whereby a child can be detained without charge or trial indefinitely. To effectively monitor and respond to this crisis, Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum has initiated a letter to President Obama, asking him to appoint a Special Envoy to examine the critical situation of Palestinian children living in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem. Appointing a Special Envoy will promote greater respect and accountability for the human rights of Palestinian children.


Lift the Siege of Gaza

  • Blogs and articles from the CODEPINK delegation aboard the US BOAT TO GAZA in 2011
  • Read about the CODEPINK attempt to bring a delegation of 100 women to Gaza for International Women's Day in 2014.
  • Background: During Israel's three-week brutal assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, the world watched as over 1,400 Palestinians, most of them civilians and 350 of them children, were killed. CODEPINK had been a member group of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation for several years and immediately spurred into action. Since 2009, CODEPINK has led over ten delegations to Gaza and has partnered with Global Exchange on trips to Israel and the West Bank.


Stand With Issa Amro!

Materials to use at town halls and in meetings with your representative.

The Free Issa coalition is a group of concerned human rights advocates calling on the Israeli government to drop the politically motivated charges against Issa Amro. 

SPONSORS of the coalition:

American Muslims for Palestine
Center for Jewish Nonviolence
CODEPINK Women for Peace
Friends of Sabeel - North America
Interfaith Peace Builders
Jewish Voice for Peace
National Lawyers Guild - International Committee
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
US Palestinian Community Network
Veterans For Peace
Youth Against Settlements

Take Action Against the Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S.720 & H.R.1697)


On Tuesday, July 18th, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight will hold a hearing on a bill entitled “An Act Prohibiting Discrimination in State Contracts.” Ironically, this legislation in fact increases discrimination by prohibiting the state from contracting with any entity that engages in BDS. Boycott is a constitutionally protected right. We must stand against this legislation!

Here’s how you can help to stop this dangerous legislation and protect our right to boycott:

  1. Sign the letter below to the members of the committee asking that they support our right to boycott, by opposing this legislation.

  2. Attend the hearing on Tuesday July 18th at 11:00AM at the Massachusetts State House, Gardner Auditorium. The hearing will likely go on all day and into the evening, so come whenever you can!

NO David Friedman: Call Action


Last week, we delivered over 40,000 signatures urging the Senate to vote against Friedman. Our elected officials need to hear from us up until the moment they're actually voting - this Thursday, March 9th. Call your Senators and tell them to oppose Friedman's nomination as the Ambassador to Israel.

Vote "No" to David Friedman!

Tell your Senator to oppose David Friedman as the next US ambassador to Israel:

Open Shuhada Street


Goldman Sachs is funding violent Hebron settlements! Join the call to #OpenShuahdaSt

On February 25, 1994 Brooklyn Born Israeli Settler Baruch Goldstein opened fire in the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron killing 29 Palestinians in worship. Since then Shuhada Street, once the main thoroughfare and marketplace, has remained almost entirely closed to Palestinians. Homes and storefronts are welded shut and Palestinian families must use rooftops, alleyways, and back doors to enter their homes. Hebron is home to the most violent and ideologically extreme of the settler movement. Around 850 of them live within Hebron’s city center. While they roam the streets freely carrying machine guns, Palestinians face 12 permanently staffed checkpoints and ongoing harassment from settlers and soldiers.

Join the Open Shuhada Street Week of Action February 19-26!

CODEPINK is proud to partner with Youth Against Settlements for its 8th annual Open Shuhada Street campaign February 19-26. We will be telling Goldman Sachs to stop funding Hebron settlers by donating to the Hebron Fund, a Brooklyn based organization that uses its 501c3 charity tax exempt status to build Hebron settlements and fund the violent settlers.

Actions are taking place in the following cities: 

Las Vegas, NV - Sunday Feb 19 2:30-4:30pm Educational event at a private home. Organized by Las Vegas JVP Full details and RSVP here.

Atlanta GA - Tuesday February 21 5-7pm Demonstration and flyering at Goldman Sachs. Organized by JVP Atlanta. Contact Ilise Cohen ilise.cohen@gmail.com for more information

Washington DC - Wednesday February 22 6:30-8:00pm Protest in front of the Israeli embassy 3514 International Dr NW, Washington, DC Facebook event 

San Francisco, CA - Friday February 24 12:00-1:30pm Protest outside Goldman Sachs ofice 555 California at Kearney (the Bank of America building where Goldman Sachs has their San Francisco office). Contact Jim Haber haber.jim@gmail.com for more information.

New York City - Tuesday February 28 6:30-8pm Protest to shut down Goldman Sachs. Facebook event.

Friday February 24 social media day of action. Use these sample tweets! 

Hebron has 20 checkpoints & over 100 freedom of movement barriers. End Israeli segregation #OpenShuhadaSt http://buff.ly/2m0ihxx

50 years of occupation in W Bank, E Jerusalem, & Gaza; 23 years of segregation in Hebron #OpenShuhadaSt

Israeli settlers roam freely w machine guns; Palestinians face 20 checkpoints over 100 freedom of movement restrictions #OpenShuhadaSt

After 23 years of closures, restrictions, soldiers, and segregation it is time to #OpenShuhadaSt Sign the petition http://buff.ly/2m0ihxx

.@GoldmanSachs is funding violent illegal settlers in W Bank city of Hebron. Help the Palestinian grassroots movement #OpenShuhadaSt

Hey @GoldmanSachs instead of harming Palestinians by funding settlers in Hebron you should be helping #OpenShuhadaSt

Support the Palestinian nonviolent struggle. Sign the petition to #OpenShuhadaSt in Hebron http://buff.ly/2m0ihxx


Boycott Sodastream

sodastream2_cropped.jpgIn This Section

Why SodaStream?

SodaStream markets itself as an environmentally friendly product to “Turn Water Into Fresh Sparkling Water And Soda”… but there is nothing friendly about the destruction of Palestinian life, land and water resources! Although SodaStream products are labeled as "Made in Israel," its main production facility is in the industrial zone of Mishor Edomin, an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank. As a result, SodaStream enjoys cheap land and water, confiscated from the indigenous Palestinian owners; a captive Palestinian labor force; tax benefits; and lax regulation of environmental and labor protection laws. All Israeli settlements exist in direct contravention to international law! This settlement company obscures its true illegal origin by marking its products “Made in Israel,” however “made in an illegal Israeli settlement” is more like it.

Take Action

1. Send a letter telling Scarlet Johansson to drop SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson, a movie star and Oxfam Goodwil Ambassador, is the new Global Brand Ambassador for occupation profiteer SodaStream.We have joined other human rights groups in contacting Oxfam, asking them to pressure Johansson to drop SodaStream, and, if she doesn’t, requesting that Oxfam suspend Johansson. We expect to hear from Oxfam within days, and we are hoping that they do the right thing. Take action today by sending a letter to Scarlett Johansson. Occupation isn’t green or guilt free, and she should not let SodaStream use her good name to market illegal settlement goods.

2. Send letters to SodaStream retailers

3. Get the Human Rights-Friendly Alternative

4. Get Social!


Regional context: the SodaStream factory is located at the Mishor Edomim Industrial Park, in the occupied West Bank.
Map: Shai Efrati. © Who Profits

The settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim is strategically located in a manner which disconnects Ramallah from Bethlehem. Map: Shai Efrati. Background topography: Copyright: © 2009 ESRI

Barbara Lee & Elijah Cummings: Include Palestinian Rights!

There’s a debate raging within the Democratic Party Platform Committee about its position on Palestine. Traditionally, thanks to AIPAC, the platform has showed unconditional support for Israel. But now times are changing: there’s a possibility of getting the platform to recognize the human rights of Palestinians!

Join us to call on Rep. Elijah Cummings, head of the Democratic Party Platform Committee, and Barbara Lee to include language that:

  • supports Palestinian rights;

  • calls for an end to the occupation;

  • affirms our right to boycott Israeli products!

Please sign the message below. If you are unable to view it below, please click here. 

Thank you for signing the letter!

Thank you for sending a message to Representatives Cummings and Lee!

Please take a moment now to submit a statement to the entire Democratic Party Platform Committee: https://demconvention.com/platform/

Email us at info@codepink.org and let us know what you said!

Thanks for taking action for Palestine.

-The CODEPINK team 

New York City Council: Don't Attack the Right to Boycott

Earlier this year Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring New York State agencies to divest from entities that engage in boycotts in support of Palestinian rights. He resorted to an executive order because anti-boycott legislation was stalled in the state legislature. Now the New York City Council is joining the effort to curtail our constitutionally protected right to boycott.

Preserve the right to boycott and stand up against the creation of an anti-Palestine blacklist by contacting key City Council Members.

First, contact the seven city council members on this committee to express your opposition to Resolution #1058-A.

Helen K. Rosenthal, (212) 788-6975,

Peter A. Koo, 212-788-7022, pkoo@council.nyc.gov
Ruben Wills, 212-788-6850
Costa G. Constantinides, 212-788-6963, costa@council.nyc.gov
Chaim M. Deutsch, 212-788-7360, cdeutsch@council.nyc.gov
Corey D. Johnson, 212- 788-6979, district3@council.nyc.gov
Daneek Miller, 212-788-7084, District27@council.nyc.gov

In addition, if your city council member is one of those who has signed on as a sponsor of this resolution (see list below), please call to express your displeasure. If you don't know your city council member, look them up here.

Vincent J. Gentile Alan N. Maisel James G. Van Bramer
Joseph C. Borelli Vanessa L. Gibson Steven Matteo
Fernando Cabrera David G. Greenfield Annabel Palma
Margaret S. Chin Barry S. Grodenchik Helen K. Rosenthal
Andrew Cohen Corey D. Johnson Donovan J. Richards
Elizabeth S. Crowley Ben Kallos Rafael Salamanca, Jr.
Chaim M. Deutsch Andy L. King Ritchie J. Torres
Inez E. Dickens Peter A. Koo Mark Treyger
Rafael L. Espinal, Jr. Karen Koslowitz Eric A. Ulrich
Mathieu Eugene Rory I. Lancman James Vacca
Daniel R. Garodnick Mark Levine Paul A. Vallone

Let’s make sure the City Council gets the message that we support equality and justice, and that we will fight to protect our right to boycott.

Associated Press: Correct Your Headline


On Monday September 4, 2017 human rights defender Issa Amro was arrested by the Palestinian Authority for a Facebook post. Issa's post criticized the PA for their arrest of journalist Ayman Qawasmi and defended freedom of press as a fundamental right. 

The Associated Press Jerusalem desk released a report of the story with an INCORRECT HEADLINE. It stated Issa had called for President Mahmoud Abbas to resign. Ayman Qawasmi, the journalist Issa had written about had stated Abbas should resign. Issa had not.

Call and tweet at the the Associated Press. Tell them their headline about Issa Amro's arrest is incorrect. Tell them to issue a correction.   

Call Associated Press in DC(202) 641-9000

Tweet: Hey @AP your headline of Issa Amro's arrest is incorrect. Fix the article and read the real story here.  https://972mag.com/palestinian-security-forces-arrest-human-rights-defender-issa-amro/129566/

Palestinian Authority: Release Issa immediately!


Sign our letter to Palestinian Ambassador Dr. Husam S. Zomlot

Thank You Bernie Sanders!


On Wednesday, September 27, Senator Sanders met with Palestinian human rights defender Issa Amro. Amro talked to Sanders about his work for Palestinian rights and what can be done to achieve freedom and equality. Tell Senator Sanders you appreciate him meeting with Amro and encourage him to continue supporting Palestinian rights.

Global Day of Action for a World without Walls


CODEPINK is proud to partner with the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-apartheid Wall Campaign for the November 9, 2017 Global Day of Action for a World without Walls.

From Israel’s apartheid wall on Palestinian land to the US wall on the border with Mexico, we say NO to these monuments of expulsion, exclusion, oppression and discrimination. There are almost 70 walls across all continents. They are ripping through people’s lives and lands as they fortify often unilaterally defined borders and state control. They cause thousands of deaths every year and destroy means of livelihoods and hope for many more.

Fifteen years ago, Israel started building its 8-meter high wall on Palestinian occupied land. Seven hundred kilometers long, Israel’s apartheid wall is part of its state policy to confiscate over 60% of the West Bank and imprison the Palestinian people on less than 13% of their historical homeland. This is in addition to the wall surrounding and imprisoning of the Palestinian Gaza Strip since. Palestinians have never stopped resisting the illegal walls and continuous expulsion from their lands. In 2003 Palestinians called for November 9 – the day the Berlin Wall fell – as International Day against Israel’s apartheid Wall.

Actions currently being organized:

Albany, NY 5:30-7:30pm Townsend Park Facebook event

Endorsers of Global Day of Action include:

From Palestine:
Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign (Stop the Wall)
Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC)
Palestinian Consultative Staff for Developing NGOs (25 civil society organizations)
Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON)
Palestinian General Union for Charitable society (PGCUS) (400 civil society organizations)
Palestinian Land Defense Coalition (11 civil society organizations)
Palestinian Non Governmental Institute PNIN (37 civil society organizations)
Palestinian Non Governmental organizations Network (132 civil society organizations)
The Civic Coalition for Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem
The National and Islamic Forces in the West Bank (the coordination body of Palestinian political parties)
Addameer - Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association
Al-Amal Association for Childhood and Development
Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ)
Arab Agronomists Association
Arab Center for Agricultural Development (ACAD)
Arab Women Union Society - Nablus
Association for Farmers’ Rights and for the Preservation of the Environment
Association Jadayel - Palestinian Center for Culture, Arts and creativity
Burj Al-LuqLuq Social Center Society
Defense for Children DCI – Palestine
First Sareyyet Ramallah
Health, Development, Information and Policy Institute (HDIP)
Huriyyat - Center for Defense of Liberties and Civil Rights
Ibrahimiya kindergarten
Jerusalem Legal Aid and Human Rights Center
Land Research Center
MA'AN Development Center
Mother school
MUSAWA - Palestinian Center for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession
Ni’lin Society for Development and Community Work
Occupied Palestine and Syrian Golan Heights Advocacy
Palestine Youth Forum
Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees (PARC )
Palestinian Counseling Center
Palestinian Family Protection
Palestinian Farmers Society-Tulkarem
Palestinian Farmers' Union (PFU)
Palestinian Federation of New Unions
Palestinian Hydrology Group
Palestinian Postal services workers union (PPSWU)
Palestinian Women Development Center
Palestinian Working Women's Society for Development (PWWSD)
Palestinian Youth Union
Popular Art Center
Popular Council to Protect the Jordan Valley
Popular Struggle Coordination Committee (PSCC)
Save the Jordan Valley Campaign
SAWA women organization
Union Of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC)
Women Center for Legal Aid and Consulting (WCLAC)
Youth Development Association
Youth Against Settlements
From Mexico:
Coordinadora de Solidaridad con Palestina - Corsopal (Coordination in Solidarity with Palestine)
Movimiento Nacional del Poder Popular (MNPP) (National Movement of Popular Power)
Movimiento Nacional del Poder Popular Zacatecas (MNPP – Zacatecas) (National Movement of Popular Power - Zacatecas)
Movimiento del Magisterio Democrático Nacional (Movement of the National Democratic Teachers)
Comité Ejecutivo Nacional Democrático del Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación en Lucha (CEND del SNTE en Lucha) (National Democratic Executive Committee of the National Union of Education Workers in Struggle)
Asamblea de los Pueblos en Defensa del Territorio, la Educación Pública, Laica, Gratuita y los Derechos Humanos (Assembly of the Peoples in Defense of the Territory, Public, Secular and Free Education and Human Rights)
Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra en San Salvador Atenco (FPDT-Atenco) (Front of Peoples in Defense of the Land in San Salvador Atenco)
Consejo de Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo (CODEP-MNPP) (Council for the Defense of People's Rights)
Council of Interdisciplinary Organizations Bounded for Oxaca (COIVO-MNPP)
Coordinación de Comunidades Indígenas de la Sierra Sur (COCISS) (Coordination of Indigenous Communities of the Sierra Sur)
Comité de Defensa Ciudadana (CODECI-MNPP) (Citizen Defense Committee)
Contingentes del Comité Ejecutivo Nacional Democrático del SNTE en Lucha (CEND SNTE en Lucha) (Contingents of the National Democratic Executive Committee of the SNTE in Struggle)
Congreso Nacional de Bases, Movimiento del Magisterio Democrático Nacional (National Popular Congress, Movement of the National Democratic Teachers): Sección III de Baja California Sur; Sección V de Campeche; Sección X de la Ciudad de México; Sección XIII y XLV de Guanajuato; Sección XIV de Guerrero; Sección XV de Hidalgo; Movimiento Magisterial Jalisciense, Secciones XVI y XLVII de Jalisco; Sección XVIII de Michoacán; Movimiento Magisterial de Bases, Sección XIX de Morelos; Consejo Democrático Magisterial Poblano, Secciones XXIII y LI de Puebla
Movimiento Magisterial de Bases (Grassroots Teachers Movement) de Querétaro, Sección XXIV de Querétaro
Bases Magisteriales Democráticas (Democratic Teachers Collective) de Quintana Roo, Sección XXV de Q. Roo
Bases Magisteriales (Teachers Collective) de Tabasco, Sección XXIX de Tabasco
Trabajadores del Colegio de Bachilleres de Tabasco (Workers of the Bachilleres de Tabasco high school)
Comité Estatal Democrático, Sección XXXII y LVI de Veracruz; Sección XXXVI del Valle de México; Consejo Nacional de Sistematización; Escuelas Integrales de Educación Básica de Michoacán; Colectivo Pedagógico “Francisco Javier Acuña Hernández”
Promotora del Poder Popular de Michoacán (Promoter of the Popular Power of Michoacán)
Caja Popular de Ahorro (Popular Savings Bank) “Emiliano Zapata”
Colectivo de Estudios (Study Collective) “Ricardo Flores Magón”
Movimiento de Unidad Social por un Gobierno del Pueblo (MUSOC-GP) (Movement of Social Unity for a People's Government, Michoacán)
Coalición de Jubilados y Pensionados “Elpidio Domínguez Castro”; Talleres
Community of Nezahualcoyotl Municipality - Estado de México Comunitarios del Municipio de Nezahualcóyotl, Estado de México
Federation Brazon: Estado de Mexico, Queretaro, Morales, Veracruz, Guerrero and Mexico City - Barzón Federación: Estado de México, Querétaro, Morelos, Veracruz, Guerrero y Distrito Federal
Coalición Nacional de Cooperativas y Empresas Sociales (CONACyES) (National Coalition of Cooperatives and Social Enterprises)
Organización Nacional del Poder Popular (ONPP) (National Organization of People's Power)
Organización Nacional del Poder Popular de Morelos (ONPP-MORELOS) (National Organization of People's Power - Morelos)
Organización Nacional del Poder Popular del D. F. (National Organization of Popular Power of the district of Mexico City)
Asamblea Permanente de los Pueblos de Morelos (Permanent Assembly of the Peoples of Morelos)
Instituto Mexicano de Desarrollo Comunitario (IMDEC), Mexican Institute of Community Development
Centro de Atención en Derechos Humanos a la Mujer y el Menor Indígena (CADHMMI) (Center for Human Rights Care for Women and Indigenous Minors)
Centro Regional Indígena en Derechos Humanos “Ñuu-Savi” (CERIDH) (Indigenous Regional Center on Human Rights)
Organización de los Pueblos Indígenas del Bajo Mixe (OPI) (Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of Bajo Mixe)
Organización de los Pueblos Indígenas de la Cuenca (OPIC) (Organization of Indigenous Peoples of the Cuenca)
Coalición de los Pueblos Indígenas de Valles Centrales (COPIVAC) (Coalition of the Indigenous Peoples of the Central Valleys)
Coordinator of United Neighborhoods from Salina Cruz (CCU)
International signatures:
Academic committee against LawTrain @Leuven
AFSC (United States)
AFM Local 1000 (United States)
Al-Jisr: The bridge between Japan and Palestine
Alternative Law Forum (India)
Aman Biradari
American Humanist Association (United States)
Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights
Amigos de la Tierra de América Latina y el Caribe -ATALC
Anglican Church of Korea
Anthropologists for the Boycott of Israeli Academic Institutions (United States)
Assdociation Belgo-Palestinienne - prov. Luxembourg (Belgium)
Association d'amitié franco-vietnamienne (France)
ATTAC España
BDS Berlin
BDS Colombia
BDS France
BDS Malaysia
BDS Nederland
BDS Switzerland
BDS Quebec Coalition (Canada)
BACBI Belgian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
Biomystic Institute (United States)
Birmingham Interfaith Human Rights Committee (United States)
Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Bolivarian Agrarian and Community Movement from Venezuela - Movimiento
CEBRAPAZ - Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz (Brasil)
Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos e Luta pela Paz-Paraná (Brasil)
Centro de Amigos para la Paz / Red de Solidaridad con Palestina - Costa Rica
Centro Memorial Martin Luther King, Cuba
Chelsea Area One World One Family (United States)
Chico Palestine Action Group (United States)
Cleveland Chapter INA
Coalisión para los derechos de los presos (United States)
CoherentSystems (United States)
Colectivo antimilitarista Mambrú de Zaragoza
Collectif Judéo Arabe et Citoyen pour la Palestine
Collectif Palestine 12- Millau (France)
Comisión Ecuménica de Derechos Humanos (Ecuador)
Comisión Multisectorial del Uruguay (Multisector Commission)
Comitê Brasileiro em Defesa dos Direitos dos Povos Ocupados
Comité pour une Paix Juste au Proche-Orient
Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East (Comité pour une paix juste au PO)
Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Campesinas, Indígenas y Negras (FENOCIN) de
Ecuador (National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous and Black Organizations)
Confederación Sindical Única De Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (CSUTCB) (Trade Union
Confederation of Peasant Workers of Bolivia)
Consortium for Refugees and Migrants in South Africa (CoRMSA)
Correspondents Diplomatiqe (United Kingdom)
Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora de Venezuela (Revolutionary Tendency Bolívar and Zamora)
Christian Church (DOC)
Cultura è Libertà, una campagna per la Palestina
Days of Palestine (United States)
Deya (Canada)
Democratic Socialists of America (United States)
Democratic Socialists of America, Boulder, CO (United States)
Donne in Nero Italia
Donne in Nero di Torino
Earth Is My Cathedral Ministry
Eileen fleming.org
Enlace Internacional
Fagforbundet (Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees)
FASE Brasil
Finca La Muda Lavandula y Bayas (Spain)
Frauen in Schwarz (Wien)
Frances Beal Society (United States)
Frente de Luta Amazonica por Defensores Direitos Humanos
Ford Mediation
Friends of Sabeel - North America
Fundación para la Cooperación APY – Solidaridad en Acción
Global Justice Alliance
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance
Holy Apostles Episcopal Church, St. Paul, MN (United States)
IJAN (United States)
Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign - Derry Branch
Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (InCACBI)
Jews for Palestinian Right of Return (United States)
Jews for Justice for Palestinians
Jewish Voice for Peace (United States)
Jewish-Palestinian Dialogue-Group Munich
Just World Educational
JVP Westchester
Kairós Palestina Brasil
KFF (Sweden)
La Concordia
La Coalición de Derechos Humanos
Labor for Palestine (United STates)
Las Cruces CIVIC (Community Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement, United States)
Legal Centre Lesbos (Greece)
LeNove studi e ricerche sociali (Italy)
Los Angeles County Democratic Party (United States)
LNC, LLC (United States)
Marquette UU Congregation
Milieu-infocentrum (Belgium)
MidEast: JustPeace
Middle East Crisis
Movimento dos Atingidos por Barragens (MAB)
Movimiento de Mujeres Palestinas Alkarama (Spain)
Nebraskans for Peace (United States)
Nederlands Palestina Komitee
Network Against Islamophobia (United States)
New Zealand Palestine Solidarity Network
Non Violent Peaceforce (United States)
NorCal Friends of Sabeel (United States)
Observatorio de Derechos Humanos de los Pueblos (Observatory of Human Rights of the People)
Observatory of Human Rights of the People, USA and Swiss chapters
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Red de Colectivos La Araña Feminista de Venezuela (Feminist Network ‘ The Spider)
Red de Integración Orgánica – Rio – Por la Defensa de la Madre Tierra y los Derechos Humanos de Guatemala (Network of Organic Integration - RIO - for the defense of Mother Earth and Human Rights)
Ontario Humanist Society (Canada)
OvertActs.com (United States)
REDES-Amigos de la Tierra Uruguay
Renewed HOPE (United States)
Right to Migrate Institute
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Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network
Sanctuary Hill Farms (United States)
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SOA Watch – Observatory for the Closure of the School of Americas
Soldepaz – Pachakuti
Solidarity International (Germany)
St. Louis Jewish Voice for Peace
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Stichting Diensten en Onderzoek Centrum Palestina (DocP)
Students for Justice in Palestine (Stony Brook University, United States)
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The Association of Norwegian NGOs for Palestine
The Hampton Institute : A working Class think tank (United States)
Trade Union Friends of Palestine, Ireland
Transnational Institute (TNI)
Tucuman por Palestina
UCC Church (United States)
Ulster People
United Methodist Church (United States)
Union juive française pour la paix (UJFP, France)
US Campaign for Palestinian Rights
Vancouver for Peace (United States)
Veterans For Peace
Victoria Coalition against Israeli apartheid
Voices for Justice in Palestine
War on Want (United Kingdom)
WESPAC (United States)
White Rabbit Grove RDNA
Women in Black Vienna
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Worcester Palestine Friendship (United Kingdom)
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Yorkshire Friends of Sabeel
Zawaya, Bay Resistance, No Migra
ZEPA (Slovenia)
Zoroastrian Association (United States)
9/11 Truth Action Project


We have the right to boycott


Contractors in Texas received a shock last week. When they went to apply for Hurricane Harvey relief contracts, they found the requirement that in order to receive funding, they must promise not to boycott Israel. What a shock! The right to boycott is a protected form of free speech. But in July, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill banning state contractors who support the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement from receiving funds. The law even specifies that businesses cannot refuse to buy products manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements.

Tell Governor Abbott outlawing the right to boycott is unacceptable:

Stop the abuse of Palestinian children


Each year around 700 Palestinian children are arrested, abused and detained in Israel’s military court system. Tell your Representative in Congress to support the Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act.

Oppose Kenneth Marcus


Don’t let anti-Palestinian rights crusader Kenneth Marcus curtail the rights of student activists. Tell the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions not to confirm him.



President Trump has pulled one of his most reckless moves yet. His declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and his plan to move the US embassy violates international law. It immediately resulted in an outbreak of violence. Congress must speak out against the action and demand he not follow through with moving the embassy.

Free 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi


On December 18, 2017, in the middle of the night the Israeli army burst into the Tamimi family home and arrested 16-year-old girl, Ahed Tamimi. They beat her father, mother, older and younger brothers and confiscated the families laptops, phones and cameras. Today, when Ahed’s mother, Nariman, went to inquire which detention center her daughter was being held in, the military arrested her as well.

It is well documented that Palestinian children are beaten, abused, and tortured during their arrests by the Israeli military. For Ahed’s sake we need as many members of Congress as possible to sign onto the legislation congresswoman Betty McCollum just introduced to end the abuse and detention of Palestinian children.

Ahed is a high school student preparing for college. She lives in a Palestinian village famous for women leadership in resistance to the occupation. As a young girl, Ahed rose to headlines for her bravery to confront the Israeli soldiers who enter her village on a regular basis. In 2014, at the age of 13, she received the Hanzala Courage Award in Turkey. In 2015, she and her family were profiled by the New York Times Magazine. Now she and her mother are sitting in Israeli jails. No one knows where they are being held or if they are okay.

Tell your member of Congress to sign onto H.R. 4391 to make the condition that US military aid to Israel not be used for the abuse and detention of Palestinian children in Israel’s military court system. Then share on Facebook and Twitter that the Israeli military must release mother and daughter activists Ahed and Nariman Tamimi.

Tell Israel: Stop Firing Peaceful Protesters!


On Monday, March 14, Israeli snipers opened fire on unarmed Palestinian protesters in Gaza. At least 52 were killed and over 750 injured from the live fire, which used expanding bullets that collapse bone upon impact. The Israelis also used drones to drench the protesters with tear gas.

Since March 30, Palestinians in Gaza have been peacefully protesting for an end to the 11-year-long siege and the right to return to the lands and villages they were displaced from in 1948. Israel has responded with lethal force, killing over 90 protesters since the start of the demonstrations.

Congress must condemn Israel’s massacres, reaffirm the right of all people to gather in peaceful protest, and demand an end to the siege of Gaza.

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