The school shooting in FL has once again highlighted the role of the military in our lives and in our schools.  It’s time to stop the militarization of our children and end the JROTC program.  The Parkland high school JROTC program taught Nikolas Cruz to shoot an AR-15 and was funded by the NRA.  Our schools should be filled with trained educators, not a proving ground for military-style assault rifles.

Tell Senator McCain and Representative Thornberry to take the war machine out of our schools! The JROTC program must end immediately. The money should be directed back into classrooms that educate our children.


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  • Edward Pensinger
    commented 2018-03-16 19:55:41 -0400
    our planet was born of violence sense the beginning of time and no one will ever stop all violence no matter what they do, can kill someone with a pencil.cave man used a stick with a rock tied on it.a truck can run into a crowd and kill dozens.should we get rid of car,trucks,sticks and rocks.give me a break
  • Edward Pensinger
    commented 2018-03-16 19:44:31 -0400
    you are the dumbest sluts on the web.we need more programs like jrotc to teach kids do NOT throw out a whole barrel of apples because one is rotten,how stupid can you be.
  • Patti Geary Overman
    commented 2018-03-16 18:19:00 -0400
    You’ve lost your minds. The JROTC program teaches a sense of respect, self worth, excellence and self discipline, not to mention a sense of belonging, the very qualities many lack today. Do your research before you try to remove a worthwhile program.
  • X-abian Jahi
    commented 2018-03-16 10:09:39 -0400
    People who comment about the military does/did so much for them and their families, should understand their ‘success’ is individual. The military, like many forces supposed to be bearers of public assistances, are daily exposed as not treating all recipients with the same degree, or type of Fair & Equal Treatment. Nothing is perfect, as some try to claim. Like schoolings, colleges, the JROTC is a brainwashing, teaching to submit entity. In essence, they could be considered Secret Societies—the highest echelons of society have what could be considered, Secret Sects. Notice, the wealthiest and most privileged of the USA, do not serve in active military capacities.
  • Erik Herring
    commented 2018-03-16 10:00:54 -0400
    You people are ridiculous. This will backfire on you. You’re clueless as to what the JROTC does. You preach tolerance and acceptance but only if it fits your agenda. Whomever led this effort should focus their energy elsewhere.
  • Steve Walden
    commented 2018-03-16 09:58:24 -0400
    I am sorry, but once again Code Pink is on the wrong side of history. I was in JROTC and it changed my life. I joined the Army after high school and spent 12 years in. I got an education and when I left the Army, I was hired as an Engineer at Microsoft. JROTC and the United States Army provided me with the tools I needed to become a success. I now own my own successful IT Managed Services company and I am convinced that none of the great things, that have happened to me, would have been possible without JROTC. Next year, my son starts high school and, without my intervention at all, he has already signed up for their Marine Corp JRTOC program. That is the other thing, code pink seems to not even be aware that their are other JROTC programs or EVERY branch of the Military. The fact that you only talk about Army JROTC, tells me that you are not very well educated on this subject. Of course, that should not surprise me as it seems that Code Pink is not very well educated on most subjects it fights against.
  • X-abian Jahi
    commented 2018-03-16 09:29:21 -0400
    I was in the U.S. Navy from 1987-1993, in Portsmouth, VA. I was tactically and discriminately ousted off of a mere Afrikan name reclamation/change. Charges were fabricated on me, and the Navy’s top officials took me through a gauntlet of intentional phases to get me to blow a gasket, giving them a reason to ‘rightfully’ discharge me—under “Dishonorable” conditions. I never exploded, or imploded (suicide), so they got desperate and gave me a Discharge under “Other Than Honorable” conditions. This all started from 1992 until 1993; which should make anyone see something was foul here. No Discharge, of any type, takes that long to prosecute. After a year of their ploys and games, I was given an Administrative Discharge Board, which they used as a crux to destroy my service to my country, career. (My writing skills intimidated, upset the officers and high-ranking enlisted personnel, I was told.) Please lookout for official documents I will send you. Is there a specific point-of-contact I should address my documents to?
  • Laura Sanchez
    commented 2018-03-16 08:27:09 -0400
    You aren’t teaching our young people, you’re indoctrinating them. It’s going to take better men and women than you to destroy America. Stop brainwashing and begin to teach again. KEEP the ROTC in place and encourage our young people to follow their dreams. MANY of them find that in the military and WE want them to be prepared. SUPPORT THE JROTC!!! AND SHAME on you!!!
  • Laura Sanchez
    commented 2018-03-16 08:24:51 -0400
    To Whom It May Concern,
    When you are done making pansies out of our young people, there will be no one left to protect our country. That is exactly what you people are asking for. You make us ashamed that you call yourselves AMERICANS! Take a few classes on weapons and learn about what you know nothing about. Meanwhile, stop indoctrinating and destroying our youth. You are a disgrace!
  • Jason Broaddus
    commented 2018-03-16 08:21:56 -0400
    This is fucking retarded. I teach my kids guns and I was trained by the u.s. army. Should my guns be taken from my home?? Maybe you need to re-read the damn Constitution. It’s MY right to have guns. It’s my children’s RIGHTS if they want to do the military thing. So please, go back to you safe space and continue raising your pussy ass kids so mine can eat them when their killed.
  • ✨ minxxionaire ✨
    commented 2018-03-16 02:12:44 -0400
    JROTC isn’t making high school students into soldiers. I am also against gun violence, but I think we are misunderstanding what JROTC does.

    I’ve learned many different versions of where Nikolas Cruz learned shooting from. But not all JROTC programs have marksmanship programs.

    JROTC is a safe-haven and community of friends, most of which dream about joining the military and serving their country. Most don’t enlist, but those who do, it helps them solidify their dream and prepare them for their goals.

    JROTC isn’t breeding soldiers. I am no soldier. I don’t think I could last boot camp. JROTC programs are strictly extra curricular. My classes consisted of PT (PE) days, learning how to march, how to be leader (that’s literally the curriculum), wearing uniforms, learning a bit of military terminology and practices (chain of command, ranks of certain branches, mannerisms), and some of us who were high ranking were given the freedom to lead the class. Plan our own military balls, fundraisers, socials, club activities, community service, etc. We weren’t any different from other student leadership clubs like student council, interact/rotary, marching band, etc. We definitely weren’t soldiers.

    I can’t speak for all programs, and maybe there are instructors who have biases based on their military service. But they’re not monsters. And if they have biases, it’s not any different from the biases most teachers have as human beings. Teachers from religious backgrounds, veterans, parents, etc.

    If you still want regulation, then maybe disband the marksmanship program in particular, or look into how those programs are being taught. But not the program itself. JROTC helped craft some of the most forward thinking students I know, who went forward to be great leaders.

    Again, I’m also a liberal, who’s pro-gun control, anti-gun, etc. But please don’t take down a program that breeds great individuals, and an opportunity for our Veterans to get employment.
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  • Patricia Blair
    commented 2018-02-22 12:41:43 -0500
    I am totally against any military programs in schools. Let the children learn respect of each other and how to be peaceful.
  • Lee Loe
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