Join us for 21 Days of Divesting from the War Economy, March 10–31st!


Last month, we shared 21 practices of mindfulness and received your notes of gratitude and feedback as to how just a touch of mindfulness can make a day lighter. As peace activists, let’s take this awareness to the next step in March.

How do we end war? War serves the war economy, the literal culture that we live in. It's a culture of violence and scarcity, of alienation and fear. How aware are we of how this culture impacts our hearts and minds, and our habits and behaviors? 

Economy from the word in Greek is to manage home. The current management of our home — the way we take care of place and each other — is destructive, extractive and oppressive. It calls our behavior to be transactional and not relational. It privatizes what should be free to all. It thrives on us feeling alienated and frightened, and believing that we live in a world of scarcity instead of abundance.  

That's why from this Saturday, March 10th – March 31st, we're launching 21 Days of Divesting from the War Economy to explore how the culture of violence we live in impacts our hearts and minds, and share ways that we can all reinvest our time, souls and energy to create conditions conducive to life.

Are you down to divest from the war economy? Sign up here by Friday, March 9th! 

Learning together and growing peace,

Claudine, Jodie, Kelly, Kirsten, Mariana, Paula and Patricia


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