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#IWD2024: Liberate Women Everywhere: Reproductive Justice Now!

SIGN OUR URGENT CALL for Reproductive Justice in Gaza/Palestine & Everywhere!

CODEPINK is calling on every member of Congress to pledge publicly to vote NO on any new bill that includes any military aid to Israel. We will keep track of everyone who makes the pledgeIf you live in the US, send a letter to your Representative and Senators, asking them to take the pledge. If you live in or outside the US, sign the petition!

Use our #IWD2024 Toolkit to Organize Actions

This International Women's Day, March 8, 2024, join us in demanding reproductive justice in Gaza/Palestine and all communities worldwide!

Join us in highlighting the BIGGEST COST of war: Women and Children

As a feminist anti-war organization, this International Women's Day is an important opportunity to unite women’s struggles at home and in Palestine by centering reproductive justice internationally. While Biden is bypassing Congress to bomb Gaza and create a devastating reproductive justice nightmare for women there, he is refusing to take unilateral action on reproductive justice here in the US, while continuing to deny care to refugees, displaced people and asylum seekers.  

What is reproductive justice? (source)

Developed by women of color in the mid-1990s, the reproductive justice framework is a dramatic shift from the pro-choice movement, which had focused more narrowly on legal access to abortion and contraception, privacy, and individual choice. Reproductive justice acknowledges racial, economic, and cultural systems of oppression, centering on four basic human rights:

  1. The right to have full autonomy over bodies            
  2. The right to have or not have children
  3. The right to birth and parent our children with dignity
  4. The right to live and raise a family in a safe and healthy environment

“The horror we are witnessing in Gaza is a clear violation of the Palestinian people’s ability to parent their children in an environment free from state violence and settler colonialism.”— Rimsha Syed, TRUTHOUT, December 26, 2023

The genocide in Gaza is a stark reminder that reproductive justice is a critical peace issue. It is an international issue. If we are talking about peace, we are talking about the need for reproductive justice in Gaza and in communities everywhere. 


After the founding of CODEPINK in 2002, on IWD 2003, 10,000 women marched from MLK Jr. Park to the White House to protest the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Twenty-one years later after witnessing $21 Trillion of taxpayer dollars stolen to pay for the war on terror which killed over 4.5 million people, we are now witnessing another war of terror through the US-supported genocide in Gaza, which is slaughtering thousands of women and children at rapid pace. After Israel's 22-day assault on Gaza in winter 2008, CODEPINK joined an International Coalition to end the illegal siege of Gaza, and delivered 2000 baskets of gifts and love to the women in Gaza on International Women's Day 2009As feminist anti-war activists, we must continue to stand against Israel's atrocities and oppression to say: CEASEFIRE NOW, NO GENOCIDE!