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SIGN OUR PETITION TO BIDEN: Say No To War on International Women's Day!

Sign the petition: Women Don’t Let Women Drive War: Feminists Say Fire Nuland

This International Women's Day, March 8, 2023, in the midst of the Ukraine war and as the US continues to beat the drums of war towards China, we are rising with activists around the world in a call for Diplomacy and an end to war. Join us in disrupting the status quo that accepts and supports war and weapons instead of peace and cooperation. Raise up the costs of war. Raise up the needs of the planet and people. The people and planet need our global call and visibility for peace not war.

By joining in, we ask you to include in your IWD events a call for peace, diplomacy and cooperation- and use the #IWDEndWar. On March 8th we will follow the events of the coalition, raising them up for the media to see. Inspiring those who stand for peace around the world to engage. 



As powerfully penned by Starhawk, the day CODEPINK began, “We cannot morally consent to war while paths of peace and negotiation have not been pursued to their fullest. We who cherish children will not consent to their murder. We love our country, but we will never wrap ourselves in red, white and blue. Instead, we announce a CODEPINK alert: signifying extreme danger to all the values of nurturing, caring, and compassion that women and loving men have held…We call on all outraged women to join us in taking a stand, now. And we call upon our brothers to join with us and support us. These actions will be initiated by women, but not limited to women. Stand in the streets and marketplaces of your towns with banners and signs of dissent, and talk to your neighbors. Stand before your elected representatives: and if they will not listen, sit in their offices, refusing to leave until they do. Withdraw consent from the warmongers. Engage in outrageous acts of dissent. We encourage all actions, from public education and free speech to nonviolent civil disobedience that can disrupt the progress toward war.”

About #IWDEndWar 

20 years ago on IWD 2003 10,000 women marched from MLK Jr. Park to the White House to find it encircled and blocked by police; Alice Walker was able to affect an officer who opened a space for the women to enter the lockdown. Walker stated "The best substitute for war is intelligence, and we have it . . . and we have good hearts…We have to believe we have good hearts, that we don't have to murder to change minds." That was the day of her first arrest along with all the women who followed. Fellow protestors, such a nuclear disarmament activist Helen Caldicott, “carried a barrage of signs reading, “Diplomacy, not bombs” and “War is extremely costly, but peace is priceless,” while many chanted things like “Women, united, will never be defeated.”  20 years later after 20 years of a war on Terror and $21 Trillion of taxpayer dollars stolen to pay for it while killing over 1.5 million people. It is beyond time to stand in the face of this extraction, destruction and oppression and say no more.

Learn how to make your stand for peace visible in our action toolkit HERE.