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Day One | Day Two
December 1-2, 2016


Where: University of DC, David Clarke Law School Moot Court Room, 4340 Connecticut Ave, NW Washington DC.

Day 2 Testifiers

Nadje Al-Ali
Barbara Wien
Maha Al-Nuaimg
Abigail Ruane
Maria Santelli
Camilo Mejia
Matthew Hoh
Julio Torres
Maggie Martin
Stacy Bannerman
Marcia Westbrook
Kevin & Joyce Lucey
Gilda Carbonaro
Dr. Helen Mary Caldicott
Miriam Pemberton
Barbara Koepel
Dana Visalli
Bill McKibben
Kevin Zeese
Nicolas Davies
Peter Van Buren
Karen Dolan
Pratap Chatterjee
Phyllis Bennis
Jacqueline Drewes (artwork)
Karen Malpede
Patricia Foulkrod
Jonathan Hutto
Darakshan Raja
Ramah Kudaimi
Paula Kahn
Rachel Gilmer
Reece Chenault
Ciara Taylor
Esther Iverem
Sammy Almashat
Sarms Jabra
Thea Paneth
Michael Sampson
Dr. Eddie Glaude
Glen Ford
Angela Peoples
Jaya Priya Reinhalter
Sam Koplinka-Loher
Eve Ensler
Rev. Yearwood
Chase Iron Eyes
Ciara Taylor

iwt_dates2.pngThe People's Tribunal on the Iraq War: After 14 years of costly war based on lies, it’s time for truth and accountability. The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War will unify the global anti-war/peace movements with other justice movements by uplifting testimonies of the costs of this war—and war itself. The Tribunal will bring the lies that created the war on Iraq into public awareness, while demanding Obama act on them. It will build and inspire the anti-war movement that we will need after the inauguration of the next administration in 2017. It will be a tool that all groups can use to build, inspire, and enliven their organizations and communities. Testifiers Day One and Two.

You can join this historic event in several ways!


Testifiers & Coalition Organizers


Amir Amirani
Andrew Bacevich
Andrew Feinstein
Andy Shallal
Ann Wright
Ayca Cubukcu
Blase Bonapane
Bob Scheer
Charles Eisenstein
Chris Hedges
Chris Nineham
Christopher Scheer
Congresswomen B Lee
Cynthia McKinney
Dan Ellsberg
David Fenton
David Swanson
Dennis Kucinich
Dirk Adriaensens
Ed Begley
Elizabeth Holtzman
Elizabeth Murray
Erik Gustafson
Eugene Jarecki
Faruq Ziada
Inder Comar
Janet Gerson
Janine Jackson
Jeff Cohen
Jeremy Corbyn
Joe Moore
Joe Wilson
John Cavanaugh
John Kiriakou
Joseph Cafasso
Juan Cole,
Kathy Kelly
Lawrence Wilkerson
Leslie Cagan
Luis Roberto Zamora Bolaños
Matt De Vlieger
Medea Benjamin
Muge Sokmen
Nermeen Al mufti
Noam chomsky
Omar Ziada
Peter Van Buren
Philip Giraldi
Philip Weiss
Raed Jarrar
Ralph Nader
Ray McGovern
Rebecca Gordon
Robert Greenwald
Robert Greenwald
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Browning
Sonali Kolhatkar
Viggo Mortensen
Vijay Prashad
Vince Warren


Abed Ayoub
Abigail Ruane
Andrew Bacevich
Andrew Feinstein
Ann Wright
Anthony Arnove
Arjun Sethi
Barbara Koeppel
Barbara Wein
Ben Cohen
Bill Fletcher
Bill McKibben
Camilo Mejilla
Carlos Arredondo
Carlos Saavedra
Catherine Thomasson
Celeste Zappala
Chase Iron Eyes
Dana Visalli
Danny Glover
Darakshan Raja
Deepa Iyer
Dolores Huerta
Dr. Eddie Glaude
Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dr. Rashied Omar
Dylan Ratigan
Erik Gustafson
Eve Ensler
Faruq Ziada
Fr. River Damien Sims
Frank Barat
Gilda Carbonaro
Glen Ford
Haifa Zangana
Henning Zierock,
Intisar Mohammad,
Jacqueline Drewes
Janine Jackson
Jaya Priya Reinhalter
Jeralyn Blueford,
Joe Jondreau
John Kiriakou
Jonathan Hutto
Julio Torres
Jumana Musa
Karen Dolan
Karen Malpede
Kevin & Joyce Lucey
Kevin Zeese
Lakshmi Sridaran
Lennox Yearwood (Reverand)
Lori Perdue
Madeleine Rees, Abi Abigail Ruane
Maggie Martin
maha al-nuaimy
Mairead Maguire
Marcia Westbrook
Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese
Matthew Hoh
Michael Lerner Rabbi
Michael McPherson
Mike Prysner
Miriam Pemberton,
Nadia Murad
Nadje Al-Ali
Nicolas Davies
Pastor McBride
Patricia Foulkrod
Phyllis Bennis,
Pratap Chatterjee
Rachel Gilmer
Ramah Kudami
Sam Koplinka-Loehr
Sam Ritchie
Sammy Almashat
Sarah Anderson
Shatha Besarani
Stacy Bannerman
Steve Gilliam
Susan Griffin
Susan Swan,
Terry Rockefeller
Thea Paneth
Yanar Mohammad
Zahra Ali

Coaltion Members

American Friends Service Committtee
American University, International Peace and Conflict Resolution
Brave New Films
BRussells Tribunal
Center for Constitutional Rights
Downing Street Memo & Beyond War
EPIC -Education for Peace in Iraq Center
Eugene Jarecki
FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)
Foreign Policy in Focus Project
Global Exchange
International Peace Bureau
Joseph Cafasso
Military Families Speak Out
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Office of the Americas
One Billion Rising
Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq
Pacebene/Campaign Nonviolence
Peace Alliance
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Poor People's Initiative
Popular Resistance
Poverty Initiative
Progressive DemocratsRussell Tribunal
She Living TV
Society Culture of Peace
Stop The war (UK)
United for Peace and Justice
US Labor Against the War
Veterans for Peace
Voices for Creative Non-Violence
Washington Peace Center
Win Without War
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
World Future Council

Lies & Costs Education ToolKit

Social Media Toolkit

Sample Tweets, Facebook Posts & Graphics to Share!

"The Fraudulent War"

A powerpoint of deeply researched facts surrounding the lies behind the design of the Iraq War. A comprehensive learning resource on #TheLies. 

Uncover the Local Costs of the Iraq War

Calculate how much your community, city, and/or state are paying for war through taxes or hidden costs (homelessness, lack of affordable housing, student debt, extreme police violence, lack of access to health care, etc.) 

Interactive Timeline: Buying the War

How to use the interactive timeline

This "Buying the War" Interactive Timeline lets you view some of the media coverage leading up to the Iraq War. Click on "headlines" to see newspaper coverage (and read the articles), choose documents for more important articles and the documents in the case (for example U.S. and U.N. reports), watch video from the documentary, media coverage and analysis." PBS.org 

Pre-War Media Slideshow

Films on the Iraq Invasion and War

The following films are accessible for free online. Watch them to learn more about the lies and the costs of the Iraq War. You can also host screenings of this film at your home or a community space and then have a discussion afterwards with attendees over how you can support the tribunal. You can also share this Toolkit on your social media pages.

Iraq War Tribunal: Press Room

People's Tribunal on the Iraq War Unifies Peace Movements
The December meeting to unify global antiwar movements was organized by CodePink.
By Jodie Evans / The Real News Network December 2, 2016

An Open Letter to Obama from an Iraq War Spouse
Before he leaves office, Obama should set up a truth commission on the Iraq War.
By Stacy Bannerman, December 1, 2016.

The Iraq War Was a Huge Ethical Leap Backwards
From the Big Lie to torture and sectarian violence, the U.S. and the Middle East are still paying the price for our moral perversions in Iraq. By Michael Lerner, December 1, 2016. Share 

Bush’s Iraq Lies, Uncontested, Will Haunt Us Under Trump
Reminder: Iraq posed absolutely no threat to the United States.
By Medea Benjamin / AlterNet December 1, 2016

CIA Analyst to Iraq Tribunal: Wolfowitz Pushed Multiple Investigations of “Pure Fiction”
The allegations that Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction are lies. By Elizabeth Murray / AlterNet December 1, 2016

Finally, a US tribunal on the Iraq War! Mondoweiss

About That Iraq Promise, Mr. President
Stacy Bannerman: The Iraq War mistake forced my now ex-husband to serve two year-long tours in Iraq. His severe post-combat trauma led to a crystal meth addiction that cost me my home, my job, and everything I loved.

Day One of Iraq Tribunal to Focus on Lies that Led to War, Create Roadblock to Future Wars Under Trump, CODEPINK MEDIA ADVISORY / AVAILABILITY: Contact: Jodie Evans, Co-founder CODEPINK, 310-621-5635, jodie@codepink.org Sam Ritchie, CODEPINK Communications Director, 347-452-0008, sam@codepink.org

Tribunal to Expose Lies and Costs of Iraq War Post-Election, Serve as Roadblock to Trump Wars, CODEPINK PRESS RELEASE

'Rising Up With Sonali' Interview with CODEPINK's Jodie Evans

The People's Tribunal on the Iraq War with Sam Koplinka-Loehr and Elizabeth Murray - Podcast, November 28, 2016

'He Carried the Ghosts of the Casualties of War': The Terrible Pain After You Come Home
"I kept waiting for him to come home, and when he finally did, he wasn't alone."
By Stacy Bannerman / AlterNet October 30, 2016

Jodie Evans, Code Pink Co-founder, on The Iraq Tribunal, OpEd News Podcast

Testimony to the US Tribunal on Iraq by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguiret, AlterNet

What the Anti-War Movement Can Learn from the Black Radical Tradition, The RealNews Network

Now More Than Ever, We Must Tell the Truth About the Iraq War, By Jodie Evans, AlterNet

We Must Tell the Truth About the Iraq War, By Jodie Evans, TruthDig

What the Black Radical Tradition Can Teach Us About Rebuilding the Antiwar Movement, By Ciara Taylor, AlterNet

People's Tribunal to Examine Legacy of Iraq War, The RealNews Network



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