Inspiration & Messages of Commitment for Chelsea Manning


The day has finally come: Chelsea Manning is being released! Since May 2010 Chelsea has been in prison for exposing the costs and inhumanity of war.  She risked everything to do what she felt was right.  Share your inspiration and commitment with Chelsea below. We will make sure she receives it.  At these moments of victory, it is important to let the inspiration refuel our own commitments. 

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We've been waiting for you, and we're glad you're free!

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Of all the players in our nightmare in Middle East the last dozen years, you are one of the few heroes. Thank you for your courage and strength. God Bless you!

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Welcome home Chelsea! We are with you on your journey!

Chelsea, This is a special day for you, for all of us who love you and for the United States -- that found in its essence to free you, ultimately, because you told the truth that needed to be heard. Every May 17, for me, will be "Chelsea Manning" day and all that implies -- a day of thoughts and best wishes for you, and a day of deep gratitude for all you have done, through your courage and sacrifice, to protect humanity. Much love and all best wishes to you, each and every day,

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So happy for you, and that you now get to live the life you have always wanted! All of us who hoped for this day along with you are still with. Much love, and respect! XXO

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Tears of joy!

As a 77 year old former conservative/GOP believer who served our country (1959 - 1963) I have to say "I am so very proud of you for surviving, for having the courage to act, for daring to be yourself, and for your ultimate service to our beloved country." I wish I had your courage, dear hero woman!

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Chelsea, welcome to freedom! A freedom you truly have given your life for.

We are so glad you are finally released from the horrors of your incarceration. Healing from those horrors will take much time and good energy. Please have hope. All can be well again. Thank you forever for your incredible personal sacrifice in telling us the truth about our war on terror. You are one of the greatest women of our time.

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Thank you Chelsea for your courage. We are proud of you.

Thank you Chelsea for your courage. In our nation killing innocent people makes presidents. Thank you for exposing this charade We hope you get a medal for your courage and determination.

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Mazal tov, Chelsea.

Next you need to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. No one so far, in the 21st century, deserves it more. Least of all, Barack Obama.

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I am so glad your long and painful ordeal is over. I hope you are able to heal completely and be better for it. You are strong!

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We can never thank you or apologize to you enough, Chelsea

Your courage has inspired so many people to wake up and begin to realize some of the travesties being wreaked by the war on terror and our government. I hope you have a chance to rest and recuperate. We will not stop resisting and remembering what you did for us. Thank you

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Thank you, Ms Manning!

Chelsea, you've been brave and courageous. Now you deserve to get yourself some ice cream and some good movies. Go relax. x to you.

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You are a true patriot. I love you!

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Welcome home Chelsea!

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Thank you, Chelsea!

Welcome home! I pray that you will live a long and happy life relishing your freedom. We owe you a debt of gratitude for your courage and commitment to truth. You are so brave!

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You are my hero.

I hope you know that you now have friends everywhere. May you start to heal and grow surrounded by love. xo ...Polly

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Welcome Home Chelsea!

Thank you for your courage and wishing you those nature and human connections, swimming in sweet water, and all of the joy freedom can bring.

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Wahooo !!!

Welcome out to fresh air and big skies . . . In theory. However, maybe after you read a few days of news about the US' insane clown President - you might want to go back (sorry, just kidding.) Your effort to expose outrageous, criminal, official anti-constitutional acts was a HUGE step to stopping them. Thank YOU Thank YOU Thank YOU ! -David PS If you ever find the Reset button for US gov - do let us know ;-)

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We love you !

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Courage is not only found on the battlefields of the world, but in the hearts of the courageous..

Thank you for your commitment in the face of tremendous all we need is 1,000 more of you to blow the whistle on this filthy, rotten system...

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