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Tell President Biden & Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III: Occupation is Indefensible — Stop Supporting Genocide in Gaza!

Bombing Gaza is a deliberate act of genocide against the Palestinian people. The US has played a significant role in this by being the biggest funder of Israel’s military, providing it with $3.8 billion every year, as well as currently working to send $14.5 billion more in military “aid”. Despite Israel’s brutal violence against Palestinians increasing this year, and the blatant genocide being carried out in Gaza now, the US has repeatedly expressed its support for the occupying forces. Now 25,000+  Palestinians have been killed by Israel since October 7. Help us move towards peace by adding your name to the petition below.

STOP arming genocide in Palestine!

Dear President Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III,

With over 25,000+  Palestinians murdered by Israel since October 7, most of the bombs dropped on them say “Made in the USA.”

Israel has fired over 32,000 tonnes of explosives into Gaza since 7 October 2023. The explosive force is estimated to be equivalent to double the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Japan in 1945. Palestinians in Gaza have nowhere to go but face the horrific genocide being unleashed on them by Israel.Israel has forced Palestinians to live in oppressive conditions since the start of its settler colonial project in 1948. As Israel continues to bombard civilians, the US shares responsibility, considering the significant role it chooses to play as Israel’s most powerful supporter.

Yet, despite the increased horror by Israel in Gaza recently, Congress is honoring Biden’s request to continue to fund genocide. The United States House of Representatives has passed a Republican plan providing $14.5 billion in military aid for Israel. The package includes $4 Billion to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and military equipment transferred from US stocks. That means more weapons and more murder!

We call on you to respect and recognize the rights of Palestinians, withdraw ALL support from the apartheid state, and call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to Israel's genocide campaign against Palestinians.

The US has had many opportunities to stop supporting Israel’s indiscriminate violence towards Palestinians. Despite this, the US remains staunch in its support for Israel, increasing the suffering of Palestinians and fueling the resistance.Now is the time to call for a ceasefire and end to the genocide of Palestinians, not to send more weapons to Israel.


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