How do we spread peace and love in the time of Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is spreading across the world and devastating countries like Iran which are suffering under unilateral U.S. sanctions. Add your name now to our letter to the U.S. Treasury Department demanding that they immediately lift the sanctions on Iran and help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Dear Supporters,

We are reminded each day lately what CODEPINK always knows: we are ALL connected. The coronavirus is spreading across the world, and despite what Donald Trump says, no amount of travel bans and walls will keep the pandemic from devastating American lives.

There are some basic things we can do to meet our fears and diminish our anxiety: 

  • Practice social distancing, work from home, participate in gatherings virtually.
  • Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds. 
  • Don’t touch your face. 
  • Elbow bump, touch your heart, or gently bow instead of hugging or shaking hands. 
  • Disinfect around you and buy what we need (just what we need). 
  • Protect your immune system with plenty of fruits and vegetables and get caught up on sleep.
  • If you are sick and experiencing symptoms (coughing, fever, and shortness of breath, according to the CDC) please stay home so that you do not get others sick.

John Perkins suggests, “Perhaps the most important message the coronavirus offers is that the natural world is conspiring to save us from ourselves, to slow our materialistic greed and reign in our aggressive, self-centered, short-term, and xenophobic tendencies.”

It feels strange and hard to refrain from social engagements when we are feeling anxious and the need to connect. But right now the best way we can support each other is by keeping each other healthy. Think about how we can support each other and our neighbors while not being together in person. Reach out to one another by phone, email, text message, facetime, etc. While many of us are decreasing our physical contact, we need one another more right now, not less. 

Now is the time to deepen your local and global peace economy networks and support mutual aid efforts. Be kind to those who are working, who are doing the jobs we call the peace economy, those jobs that care for life.  Notice them, thank them, help calm their anxieties. Keep in mind that during times of crisis, those who are most vulnerable — the poor, the uninsured, immigrants, the elderly, women and children — are the hardest hit. 

Reach out to those you know locally and create an emergency contact list and support group. Identify community organizations who care for the elderly, the homeless, migrants, refugees and those being released from prison. Check out what your local  Poor People’s Campaign is doing at this time and mark your calendars for the Poor People’s Campaign June 20, 2020 day of mobilization. 

Think about what is needed locally. Post a google form on community Facebook pages or sites asking those more fortunate in your community to offer what they can and find ways to connect them to those in need.  Who can provide housing for those who don’t have it? Who can prepare disinfectant kits for those in need or packages of Vitamin C and Zinc to pass out to those on the street? Use your imagination to find ways to connect, love, support, care and nourish your local peace economy.  Reach out if you need help, we are here to help:

We must think and act globally as well. Per capita, Iran is currently the third most coronavirus infected country in the world after Italy and South Korea. Iran's coronavirus crisis isn’t a coincidence, but is due in part to the devastating impact that the US sanctions have had on the country’s medical industry. Because of U.S. sanctions, Iran isn't able to procure enough testing kits, respiratory machines, antiviral medicines, and other supplies to slow the spread of the coronavirus and save lives. Read from Medea and Ariel about how we must lift the sanctions on Iran to help stem the spread of coronavirus and add your name now to our letter to the U.S. Treasury Department demanding that they immediately lift the sanctions on Iran. 

Our partners at the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC) have identified two organizations, Relief International and Moms Against Poverty, with licenses to conduct relief work in Iran. Donate now in recognition of how we must all care for each other as a global community.

Now is the time to talk about how money for war would be much better spent on health care for all!  

Spread the LOVE!

Peace and love,
Jodie, Ann, Ariel, Asia, Ayanni, Camille, Carley, Caty, Cody, Emily, Jodie, Kelsey, Leonardo, Makena, Medea, Michelle, Nancy, Paki, Teri, and Yousef

Illustration credit: Liza Donnelly

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