The port of Hodeidah, in southern Yemen, is under attack by the US-backed Saudi coalition. The assault puts the entire nation’s food supply in jeopardy at a time while 22 million Yemenis are already in need of aid, and 8.4 million more are on the brink of starvation. Congress has never authorized the use of US military force in Yemen, making US involvement unconstitutional.

Send a message now to your representatives in Congress, asking them to invoke War Powers Act, forcing a vote to end U.S. participation in the catastrophic Saudi-UAE assault on Hodeidah:


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    The most recent bombing in Yemen is of a CHOLERA CENTER and the most recent anpouncement is of the bombing of the Port of Hoeida, PLEASE, PLEASE let’s make an end of these American atrocities. Let us know the extent of U.S. involvement with these deeply illegal activities so that they may end. Please consider adding your name to the letter by Represetatives Pocan, Khanna, Lee, Jones, and Lieu to be sent to Secretary Mathis on WEdnesday. Your constituent, and dedicate worker for Peace, Cecile Pineda, 2550 DAna Street 5_B, Berkeley CA. 94704