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Support the campaign to break the US blockade: Send food and medicines to Cuba!


Building on the tremendous success of the syringes for Cuba campaign, through which our coalition raised over $500,000 that purchased 6 million syringes for the country’s COVID-19 vaccination drive, we are proud to announce a new fundraiser to send food to Cubans!

Because of the blockade, the Trump sanctions (that Biden has continued) and the pandemic, Cuba is facing difficult economic conditions that have led to food shortages and rising food prices. There is no hunger in Cuba right now, but there is certainly food insecurity. 

This puts a lot of pressure on families, particularly on women, who not only have to allocate a larger percentage of the household budget to food, but also now have to wait hours in line to purchase food, of which there is increasingly less variety.

We spoke directly with our partners in Cuba at the Martin Luther King Center, who asked us to send two specific things: canned tuna and powdered milk. These two goods contain protein and are non-perishable, so families can store them for those weeks in which they are unable to find or afford a decent diet. 

The Cuban people have always shown tremendous solidarity for the world, including being the first to offer aid after earthquakes, hurricanes and health crises. Now is the time for us to show this same kind of solidarity with Cuba.

Please give generously and you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt instantly. Any donation, no matter the amount, will help show your love for the Cuban people.

We are carrying out this campaign in partnership with the Martin Luther King Center in Cuba, Puentes de Amor and The People's Forum. 

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$79,360 raised

GOAL: $100,000
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