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How to Help Make the #March4Gaza a Success!


  • Be sure to RSVP here so we can keep you in the loop on our plans!

Help spread the word:

What to bring:

  • A portable battery
  • A water bottle
  • A waterproof jacket or umbrella
  • As much PINK as you can!

Use these hashtags:

  • #March4Gaza
  • #LetGazaLive
  • #CeaseFireNow
  • #FreePalestine

Sample posts for socials:

  • Since October 7th, Israel has killed 22,000+ Palestinians using US weapons. The US must stop arming Israel’s genocidal attacks. Join me and @codepink as we #March4Gaza in Washington  on 1/13 to demand an end to US support for Israel!
  • Palestinians have suffered indiscriminate expulsion, surveillance, detention, and murder at the hands of Israel for over 75 years, with US support. It is time for that to end. I’m joining @codepink at the #March4Gaza on 1/13 to demand an end to the American-Israeli genocide.
  • For over 3 months, Israel’s American-backed war crimes in Gaza have been broadcast daily for the world to see. There must be justice for Palestinians and accountability for the American & Israeli officials responsible for this genocide. Join me & @codepink as we march on Washington to hold our leaders accountable!
  • Consider editing or using your own words! Social networks tend to deprioritize duplicated content. 

Buses to DC:

  • Check the bus list here
  • If you don’t find a city near you, reach out to your family, friends and community to organize bus rides to DC
  • Please share your bus links with us once ready

Tag the organizers when posting on socials!

  • AMP – @ampalestine 
  • CAIR – X: @cairnational – IG: @cair_national
  • ICNA – X: @icna – IG: @icnaofficial
  • MAS – X: @mas_national – IG: @muslimamericansociety
  • MSA – X: @MSAnational – IG: @msa.national
  • MLFA – X: @MLFA – IG: @muslimlegalfund
  • MUNA – X: @munanational1 – IG: @munanational
  • YM – X: @youngmuslims – IG: @young_muslims 
  • ANSWER – @answercoalition
  • CODEPINK - X: @codepink - IG: @codepinkalert